Collecting and Using Flower Frogs

While at a local flea market with some friends, as we always do, we let each other know what items we were searching for so we could all keep a look antique flower frogsout for each other’s collection hunts. Vintage clothing was for one, anything fitting for a country kitchen was for another and for me it was flower frogs.  Everyone seemed accepting of these items and so we set off it was clear to me quite quickly that my friends had no idea what flower frogs really were when the two of them got excited about a huge green ceramic garden frog statue.

Flower frogs were made primarily in the 1930s through the 1950s (although earlier ones exist) to be used Read More…

Another Day at the Antique Fair

I grew up around what most people call Antique fair collage“junk.” My husband says my family is a bunch of hoarders (not quite that bad as seen on television….I can actually see my flooring). Not hoarders, I tell him, collectors. Big difference. So what was so amazing about asking my husband what he wanted to do for his birthday weekend? His answer of “well, that antique fair you always like to go to is Read More…

July and Some August Garden Thoughts and Photos

Well, I’m not sure how July snuck by me but I woke up the other morning and realized it was already August! My weekdays have been filled with workgarden view from the porch and traveling and so my weekends have been used to try to take it slow. That means reading, drinking wine (while reading), visiting with friends, going to local events, and of course working in my garden.

I have to admit the herb and rose garden took a dive this summer. The lack of rain killed quite a few of the herbs. I had been traveling and nobody thought to water the garden….my owe fault for not reminding people! The roses didn’t do so hot over Read More…

Late June Garden Photos

I can’t believe it’s the end of June already.  I’m not sure where the month went. It’s always a bit crazy with my job duringBush beans growing this time with all my weekends doing Relays but this June seemed to fly right by me. Lucky it was such a warm early spring that I was able to plant most of the garden before I got really crazy.

Read More…

Chick Days on the Farm

I just can’t stand how cute these chick’s are! We have raised plenty of baby chick’s but this particular batch is incredibly friendly and very easy going as well as active. It is such a joy to spend time with them after a long day at work!

You Know He’s a Vermonter When…

So another funny local story to share. My father frequents the local hardware store like any good Vermonter that needs anything from twine, bolts,hardware store buckets, to a piece of 2×4 or a patio dining set. The other day he was in there talking to the hardware guys when our neighbor came in. They all talked for a bit and the conversation got around to what my dad and neighbor were in the store for. Dad got what he needed from the friendly store associates and then they helped our neighbor find the 5-minute epoxy he was searching for.

Apparently our neighbor – well let me back-track a bit. You have to first understand that he is one of the “good ole boys” a generational Vermonter. And typical of those “good ole boys” he has his hands in too many pots owning not only a local slate quarry, but also a vineyard and winery (VERY good wine), a Read More…

Wells Village Library gets a little more “Zen”

I’ve been so busy with work and getting ready for the upcoming Relay For Life events I manage that I haven’t had much time to do fun personal things teaching Zentangle at Wellsmuch less post to my blog.

This past week though, I was able to not only share my passion for Zentangle, but was also able to unwind a bit while I taught a class.

Read More…

Funny Dusty Chicken Story

The weird weather has meant spending one day in doors with the fire roaring and then the next sitting outside in the sun with record

My dusty footprints from my chicken dust bath!

My dusty footprints from my chicken dust bath!

high temperatures for March in Vermont. On one of the nice days this week I was able to walk down to the mailbox in only a t-shirt and my pants and slippers.

There was one of the local farmer newsletters in the mail that day so I decided to enjoy the weather for a moment and so I sat down on the steps. Out from under the porch popped one of our chickens. She is always getting out of the coop run and exploring the area!

She so sweetly came onto the steps with me to keep me company. Apparently she had just had a VERY Read More…

Easy Pulled Pork

It has been a super busy week with all of us running in different directions and not enough 20160226_170843time to sit down to a home-cooked meal with the family let alone actually taking the time to cook the meal.

Pork shoulders were on sale this week and it sounded like a good hot meal. Now, we just needed the time to cook something that needs a low and slow cook time. Enter the crock-pot! Friday morning I concocted my own BBQ cooking sauce, tossed in the pork shoulder (quite literally as it plopped into the pot and splashed the sauce all over the darn kitchen!) and let it cook away while we all worked.

Read More…

Happy February! Some notes from the farm…

February has arrived and has been rather quiet here on the farm. The chickens are loving all this warm winter weather – the high this past weekend country heartwas 48 at our house! They have made a mud path down to the stream and back and have scratched up the dirt all around the fence. A few of the girls have decided it really is spring and have flown the fence to explore the gardens and pasture past the barn and house. Last year at this time we had to be so careful with them because of all the hawks around but it seems with this weather there is food enough to go around for everyone. The sun was out and – kind of scary – my daffodils are up almost half an inch! I hope they don’t come up much further as I hear a good 1-3 inches are headed our way soon. Until then, we have been able to get some tasks accomplished.

A project in the barn when your fingers don’t freeze off is always welcome! We had wanted to take a few trees down on the property but because the ground frost is not as deep as normal, there is mud everywhere and we didn’t feel like getting the tractor stuck. I finally took down the Christmas wreath and holiday signs. I have kept the snowmen up Read More…

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