Melt-in-Your-Mouth Sugared Pecan Balls Recipe

These are the worst and best cookies to make. The worst becausemelt in your mouth pecan balls
you not only want to eat them while you are making them, but then the smell attracts the whole family and before you know it, they are all gone! The best because they are not too sweet and go so well with a cup of tea, or coffee, or even hot chocolate. They pack well and everyone enjoys getting powdered sugar all over themselves because they are just so darn good you don’t mind!

I also love these cookies as they are so easy to make and because of the simple ingredients and fast baking time, I can make these on a weeknight and save the weekend for the more intricate baking.

These make amazing Christmas cookies as they look perfect in a clear cellophane bag tied with a big red bow as a gift! But why bake Read More…

How to Cook Spaghetti Squash

Spaghetti squash is a magical vegetable….or at least that’s what we Perfectly Cooked Spaghetti Squashthink as not only do the adults love it in our home, but the kids do too! True to its name, when cooked correctly, the squash forms long strands with the texture and look of spaghetti. Serve with pasta sauce and perhaps some meatballs or sausage on the side and presto! Good for you spaghetti dinner!

There are a few different ways you can cook spaghetti squash. Two of which I use most often and find are the easiest and best ways.

The first is the traditional oven method. To begin, cut the  Read More…

Slow Cooker Thanksgiving Dinner

“Why do we only have Thanksgiving dinner on Thanksgiving” was Thanksgiving in a Slow Cookerthe question my niece wanted to know. Good point. The only time we really do a turkey with stuffing, and green beans, and sweet potatoes and of course cranberry jelly on the side is at Thanksgiving. Why? My reason is it takes so much time and effort to put that all together for a Wednesday night meal.

Well not anymore! This is such an easy weeknight meal you will want to do this every month if not every week! I will note that as our family enjoys chicken more than turkey, we most often use this Read More…

Moody’s Diner – A Family Classic

Oh the pies! Okay, let me back up a bit here. There is this diner up Moody's Dinerin Waldaboro, Maine right on Route One at the bottom of a wicked (popular Maine adverb for “very”) steep hill. Moody’s Diner, a family establishment since 1927, has been a part of my life since I was a child. It holds a lot of childhood memories and I only found out recently that it goes back even further than that.

Honestly, there really isn’t anything specifically spectacular about this diner. The foods okay (depends on what you get). The services is equally okay (depends on who you get). Okay, the pies are AMAZING diner pies that are just like grandma made (hopefully Read More…

Halloween Treats: Monster S’mores and Kreepy Krispies

Made these super easy and fun Halloween treats for my nieces! Monster S'moresThey loved the Monster S’mores and the Kreepy Krispies that we had after dinner on our way to the Rutland Halloween Parade! “More S’mores” was chanted a few times in the backseat on our ride.

The Monster S’mores:

You will need: one box of graham crackers, container of marshmallow fluff, 12-18 popsicle sticks, 1 cup chocolate chips (semi-sweet), and 1/4 cup white Read More…

Aldo Leopold and Hunting Geese

We took some time to go goose hunting with a friend who has a Geese decoy's and mountainsbeautiful hunting dog named Aldo. When I asked how he got his name, his owner replied that it was from Aldo Leopold. Leopold, an amazing ecologist and writer and is the author of “A Sand County Almanac”, an environmental classic published in 1949 that I first read in college. It is so well written that it is still widely used today. The book takes the reader through each season, month by month and goes into detail the way the animals and environment changes and adapt.

My favorite section is that of March, even though for me, this natural phenomenon is more noticeable in the fall and winter months. He talks of the geese returning and thus we see a return of Read More…

Pumpkins, Pumpkins Everywhere

Pumpkins out on the lawn, set up next to fall mums and corn stalks, on steps, porches and along railingsfall pumpkin and mums is one of those sure signs that October is here! Fall is my favorite season in New England and nothing makes it better than some pumpkins – for decoration or for eating! Who knew that this squash would become such an icon in America? Thought to have originated in America, the pumpkin has been eaten as a winter squash since colonial times. They were much smaller, more the size if a pie pumpkin and used primarily for cooking.

The tradition of the Jack O’Lantern or carved pumpkin began not in America but over in Ireland. The history began, like many do, with a folktale. This one was about a man named Stingy Jack who was a cheapskate that tricked the Devil several times. When Jack finally died, God didn’t want him and the Devil didn’t either so the Devil cast him back to the mortals with only a lump of burning coal to light his way in the dark. Jack put the piece of coal inside a Read More…

Sour Cream and Walnut Banana Cake

We always have bananas on our kitchen counter as they are the perfect snack for on-the-go. Dependingfinished banana cake on the season and weather, sometimes they last longer and sometimes I swear they ripen overnight. When we find some that have gone past the pleasant eating stage, I peel them, put them in a zip-lock freezer bag, and toss them into the freezer. Then, when the extra ripe bananas fill the bag (I use quart size so about 4 bananas fit) it is ready to bake banana bread, banana muffins, or – our family favorite, banana cake!
When you are ready to bake, take your bag of frozen ripe bananas out of the freezer and as they thaw
you can mash them up a bit right in the bag to make the perfect consistency. Then, simply add the bananas to your recipe.

frozen ripe bananas

Banana cake is really just a denser and I think gooier banana bread recipe that you put in cake form as it is extra moist and thus good for slicing and serving. I have baked this cake lots of different ways Read More…

Parmesan Rice with Lemon Pepper Shrimp

It’s like the New England version of shrimp and grits! So simple it is perfect for a weeknight dinner yetParmesan Rice and Lemon Pepper Shrimp so tasty it seems like you must have been cooking all day!

We came up with this household favorite quite by accident. We had gone to a potluck and brought our super flavorful parmesan rice. Making a triple batch as we weren’t sure how much to make, we wound up taking about Read More…

Land Line? The End of an Era…

I was reading a local newspaper that had a short article on how certain things have really been lost on babysitters club booksthe next generation of kids and yet how some iconic and out-of-fashion items will remain forever. The two items in the discussion were the spinning wheel and the land line. The article considered two things from the past and explained how each would have such a different outcome for the future. The spinning wheel in their opinion was most likely to be part of several more future generations due to how it is a part of our children’s learning culture from things like the story Sleeping Beauty and other fairy tales that have this item as a key element.

Yet something more a part of every-day life not that long ago, such as the land line, is becoming obsolete. Future kids will only hear of this “thing” used “back then” through old books or films but will tend to only glance over that item, not really understand what it is or be able to visualize the item as with the spinning wheel.

For those that may remember them, I, like so many others, grew up reading and was a huge fan of the book series, The Babysitters Club. I was also one of those rare kids that not only enjoyed the books but received my own phone in my room during my Read More…

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