A Rabbit in the Garden

 So I went outside to weed today and as I scanned my raised beds, I noticed that three of my pepper plants were

rabbit in our yard

Here is a picture I took a few days ago of the “cute” little rabbit…

 nothing but stubs! Two of my three parsley plants were “missing” and I no longer have five eggplants, only four. Someone has been nibbling on my garden! Nooooo!

The culprit….the cute bunny rabbit I saw bouncing around the backyard the other day. How do I know? Rabbit droppings around the garden. While I appreciate the added fertilizer and am usually willing to share my spoils, having my plants cut down to the quick did not make me happy.

One of the best ways to deter rabbits (and deer) is to use a strong-smelling soap like Dial, Ivory or Irish Spring around your garden.

eaten plant

My poor pepper plant!

After seeing the lack of plants and the tell-tale sign of droppings. I ran to the house and grabbed a bar of “Mountain Fresh” Dial which is particularly strong. I also took one of my vegetable peelers from the kitchen. The peeler works good as it creates larger pieces of soap but a cheese grater also works well.

dial soap

open dial soap

As I walked around the garden beds, I scraped the bar of dial down with the peeler leaving little curls of soap on the ground and in the beds.

using soap against pests

The soap doesn’t hurt any of the plants and the scent will stay for up to a week, especially with sunny days when it will warm up and smell even stronger. A light rain is okay as it helps spread the scent but if it rains hard, plan on reapplying the soap.

soap curls

You can see some of the soap curls on the edge of the raised beds.


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3 responses to “A Rabbit in the Garden”

  1. Ashley says :

    Where did you get this soap from?? I can’t find blue dial soap anywhere!

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