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Brined Wild Goose Stroganoff

We have been experimenting with different recipes for our wild Wild Goose Stroganoff geese in the freezer. Our past go-to goose recipes have been far too labor intensive which meant we didn’t cook them as often as we should. This year we have been branching out and trying lots of new recipes and ways of cooking goose. Brining was always something other wild game lovers had told us we had to try. For some reason, it just seemed like another labor intensive step in the process and why bother? Well were we wrong! Brining wild goose is so easy and my God does it make a HUGE difference in the flavor and texture of the meat. Semi-tough goose becomes melt-in-your-mouth tender and the salt water removes a lot of the blood and thus the more intense iron or “game” flavor.

Back in January, we visited friends down in Maryland and was lucky enough to be there at the same time as the town’s annual wild game Read More…


Apples, Donuts and Memories

Fall is my favorite season, if I haven’t mentioned that already. The air gets so crisp, the leaves start to turn, pumpkins start bag of applesappearing on the porches and steps of all the local houses, apples are ready for picking, and everything just smells good. All of the best recipes start coming out about this time of year too. Crisps, pies, crumbles, soups, stews, quick breads, bars and all kinds of cookies start coming from kitchens and adding to the smell of fall. Out of all the possible ingredients to use in the fall, the apple is of course the most dependable and versatile. So many amazing recipes call into play the apple that to name them all would take forever – everything from apple sausage bakes to the ubiquitous apple pie find favor in our hearts and stomachs.

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Blueberry Season

Things always get so busy in July on the farm (yes I know it is August already – not sure how that happened). The garden is starting july blueberriesto produce vegetables and the animals are in high production. Our blueberry bushes just started turning out ripe plump juicy blueberries. We love blueberries in just about anything you can put them in. Pancakes, waffles, muffins, pies, jams, coffee cakes, smoothies, on top of our morning cereal or oatmeal, and of course just by the handful.

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Homemade Applesauce

Nothing beats homemade applesauce! This was a great year for apples and our wild apple trees were loaded. They werehomemade applesauce kind of on the small side so they seemed like the perfect apples to use for making applesauce. Making applesauce is a lot easier than you would think. Especially the way we do it. Basically, throw everything in a pot, cook, and strain. Not bad when you are doing three other things at the same time! This applesauce is a lot healthier than what you buy in Read More…

Sauteed Fiddleheads

What a wild delight! Fiddleheads are the tight tips of the ostrich fern as it begins to emerge from the ground near fiddleheadswetlands, streams and rivers in early spring.

While all ferns technically have that tight curled tip – the ostrich ferns are the only ones I know that are safe to eat. You can identify them as they have a brown almost paper-like covering on the coiled fern tip. The stem also has a deep “u” shape to them. It is best to pick them when they are about an inch or two up from the ground but still coiled tightly.

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