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Traveling Around Maine

This past weekend we decided to take a long day trip and see some of the sights I remembered as a kid vacationing to Maine. With a cooler packed with sandwiches, water and pretzels, we set off.

First stop was to visit Tenant’s Harbor. A lovely little town where my parents lived for 12 years back in the 1970’s.

Tenant's Harbor Maine

We even found the house they owned and stopped to snap a photo.

My parent's home in Tenant's Harbor

If you continue to drive past Tenant’s Harbor to the end of the peninsula in Port Cylde, there is the historic and rather famous Marshall Point Lighthouse where Tom Hanks concluded his cross- Read More…


Moody’s Diner – A Family Classic

Oh the pies! Okay, let me back up a bit here. There is this diner up Moody's Dinerin Waldaboro, Maine right on Route One at the bottom of a wicked (popular Maine adverb for “very”) steep hill. Moody’s Diner, a family establishment since 1927, has been a part of my life since I was a child. It holds a lot of childhood memories and I only found out recently that it goes back even further than that.

Honestly, there really isn’t anything specifically spectacular about this diner. The foods okay (depends on what you get). The services is equally okay (depends on who you get). Okay, the pies are AMAZING diner pies that are just like grandma made (hopefully Read More…

Photos From Maine – September

Local crab on our beach

Local crab on our beach

Just wanted to share some photos from life in Maine thus far! They are in no particular order or of a certain subject other than places we’ve been, food we’ve eaten, and of course the beach where we have Read More…

Smiles on the Beach

I don’t know if it is the ocean waves crashing up on to the shore, the sand between your toes, or the Finding sea glass on the beachsmells and sounds of being next to the water, or perhaps its got something to do with the sea creatures, shells and seagulls nearby, but there is something about being on the ocean shoreline that makes people smile.

Once people have that beach smile something else happens. They become more human. As in, they say hello as you walk by. Then because you have made that initial contact, most often, a conversation begins as phrases like “how are you, nice day, beautiful weather today” pop out from folks. Some end there and you move along with that contented smile on your face. Interestingly, we find that those opening phrases do more and before you know it, you find out where folks are from, wind up learning about the area and or the specific shells or items they are searching for and now of course you want to find that as well, or you even might learn the best place for a lobster roll or bowl of chowda (chowder for those of us not from around the area).  Read More…

Vermonter On The Move

Well, it all happened so fast I’m still digesting what is happening. One minute I’m working my job but welcome-to-mainethinking of something new – then I dreamily apply for a job in Maine on a whim, and the next thing I know, I’ve accepted, resigned from my job and have a week to pack and move to Maine. What just happened?

So yup. This Vermonter is on the move and heading to Maine in just a week. I’ve always loved the ocean and to me, Maine is kind of like Vermont but with a coastline….and Read More…

Herbs, Perennials and Antiques

I have been having TOO much fun lately! After all of the Relay’s I’ve still been working hard but have been enjoying my weekends. The gardens are brimfield2coming along, though some plants seem to be doing better than others. Our pepper plants (six in all) have decided to only produced ONE pepper per plant which is odd. The squash plants took a long time to grow but now are filled with blossoms and we can’t wait for squash! The pumpkins are also doing well. I’ve been spending any of my free time in the garden or working on some small craft projects. Lately those two passions have combined, especially after spotting a great way to use antiques with my plants! This past weekend I managed to head down to the Brimfield Antique Show. We always have a blast and make it a “girls day out” with my sister and friends. brimfield1  This year was wonderful as always and while there I spotted a booth that was doing herb and flower arrangements in Read More…

Brew Fests and Locals

I’ve been to quite a few brew fests around the area. I always enjoy my time at them but find so many of chillin at the brew festthem tend to be expensive and not as much fun unless you bring a group of friends. The expense usually comes from having to pay a cover fee and then after your two or three “samples included” drinks, you wind up shelling out quite a bit of extra cash to try more beers. So yeah, fun but it can become an expensive trip real quick. Then, to stay somewhat coherent as you try the brews, you want to have something to eat. There you pull out your wallet again to purchase overpriced food.

The opportunity to head out into the cold and try some VERY cold brews was too hard to pass up. Besides, the sun finally came out and the weather warmed up to the 30s!

Read More…

Independence and Brisket

What a beautiful fall weekend! It rained and was windy all day on Saturday but that was the perfect day to put the crockpot on withRathbuns homemade chili and to do some work inside the house. We did the normal “weekend work” of laundry, dishes, and taking out the garbage but we treated ourselves out to brunch at the local hub. If you live in our area, Rathbuns Maple Sugar Restaurant is the place to go for great breakfast grub. The family has been tapping trees and making maple sugar for over four decades and their whole family runs the restaurant which only serves breakfast on Saturday’s and Read More…

Fall on the Lake

We enjoyed kayaking out on the lake this Saturday and saw flocks of geese and ducks fly overhead with a beautiful backdrop of the fall foliage!


fall on the lake 1 Read More…

Apples, Donuts and Memories

Fall is my favorite season, if I haven’t mentioned that already. The air gets so crisp, the leaves start to turn, pumpkins start bag of applesappearing on the porches and steps of all the local houses, apples are ready for picking, and everything just smells good. All of the best recipes start coming out about this time of year too. Crisps, pies, crumbles, soups, stews, quick breads, bars and all kinds of cookies start coming from kitchens and adding to the smell of fall. Out of all the possible ingredients to use in the fall, the apple is of course the most dependable and versatile. So many amazing recipes call into play the apple that to name them all would take forever – everything from apple sausage bakes to the ubiquitous apple pie find favor in our hearts and stomachs.

Read More…

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