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Cooking Dandelion Greens

I was so excited when I saw dandelion greens in the local MarketFresh Dandelion Greens Basket this weekend! These are a terrific leafy green that you should be eating as they are rich in minerals, super high in vitamins, have potassium and manganese and lots of other good-for-you nutrients. Bonus? If you have a “clean yard” meaning you don’t use any chemicals, you probably have an abundance of these greens in your own back acre!

As we are renting a place for the next few months, I don’t have access to those “pesky dandelions” so I was happy to see they are available at my local supermarket. One thing to know about dandelion greens is that they are bitter. The younger greens tend to be less bitter but then you are gathering little greens all over your yard. Most often the ones you Read More…

Perfect Hard Boiled Eggs – Every Time!

Hard boiled eggs are one of those simple yet frustrating foods to Perfectly Cooked Hard Boiled Eggsmake. Boil them too long and the yolk becomes chalky and dry and has an unappetizing green or brownish color. This is especially bothersome when you are boiling lovely farm fresh eggs with that bright yellow/almost orange yolk that you want to preserve for your dishes like deviled eggs, egg salad, or just to eat as a snack. Boil them for not enough time and the yolk might not be firm enough. Good for some things like a cob salad, but not everyone wants a runny middle.

A well boiled egg will also be more likely to peel easily, while under or over boiled eggs tend to stick to the shells causing you to be Read More…

July and Some August Garden Thoughts and Photos

Well, I’m not sure how July snuck by me but I woke up the other morning and realized it was already August! My weekdays have been filled with workgarden view from the porch and traveling and so my weekends have been used to try to take it slow. That means reading, drinking wine (while reading), visiting with friends, going to local events, and of course working in my garden.

I have to admit the herb and rose garden took a dive this summer. The lack of rain killed quite a few of the herbs. I had been traveling and nobody thought to water the garden….my owe fault for not reminding people! The roses didn’t do so hot over Read More…

Late June Garden Photos

I can’t believe it’s the end of June already.  I’m not sure where the month went. It’s always a bit crazy with my job duringBush beans growing this time with all my weekends doing Relays but this June seemed to fly right by me. Lucky it was such a warm early spring that I was able to plant most of the garden before I got really crazy.

Read More…

Chick Days on the Farm

I just can’t stand how cute these chick’s are! We have raised plenty of baby chick’s but this particular batch is incredibly friendly and very easy going as well as active. It is such a joy to spend time with them after a long day at work!

Funny Dusty Chicken Story

The weird weather has meant spending one day in doors with the fire roaring and then the next sitting outside in the sun with record

My dusty footprints from my chicken dust bath!

My dusty footprints from my chicken dust bath!

high temperatures for March in Vermont. On one of the nice days this week I was able to walk down to the mailbox in only a t-shirt and my pants and slippers.

There was one of the local farmer newsletters in the mail that day so I decided to enjoy the weather for a moment and so I sat down on the steps. Out from under the porch popped one of our chickens. She is always getting out of the coop run and exploring the area!

She so sweetly came onto the steps with me to keep me company. Apparently she had just had a VERY Read More…

Happy February! Some notes from the farm…

February has arrived and has been rather quiet here on the farm. The chickens are loving all this warm winter weather – the high this past weekend country heartwas 48 at our house! They have made a mud path down to the stream and back and have scratched up the dirt all around the fence. A few of the girls have decided it really is spring and have flown the fence to explore the gardens and pasture past the barn and house. Last year at this time we had to be so careful with them because of all the hawks around but it seems with this weather there is food enough to go around for everyone. The sun was out and – kind of scary – my daffodils are up almost half an inch! I hope they don’t come up much further as I hear a good 1-3 inches are headed our way soon. Until then, we have been able to get some tasks accomplished.

A project in the barn when your fingers don’t freeze off is always welcome! We had wanted to take a few trees down on the property but because the ground frost is not as deep as normal, there is mud everywhere and we didn’t feel like getting the tractor stuck. I finally took down the Christmas wreath and holiday signs. I have kept the snowmen up Read More…

Putting the Yard to Bed

It has been so WARM here in Vermont lately that it has been odd and pleasant at the same time putting the yard and garden to bed for the winter. I’m out in the yard mowing, pulling, turning over, and what-not in a t-shirt and jeans which is just unheard of around here! I even broke into a sweat turning the beds over.

Two of the beds are still producing as my fennel is still harvest-able along with the kale. My brussel sprouts are FINALLY starting to grow and I can’t wait to pull out my oven roasted maple recipe! For now though, the other beds have been stored for the winter.

garden away for winter

Read More…

Vermont State Fair 2015

Going to the fair each year brings back so many memories! As a 4-H kid, that meant the weeks leading up to the fair full of angst and frustration (in a vermont state fairfun kind of way!). Angst in worrying if my tomatoes would ripen in time or if we could squeeze in some last minute canning creation before all the entries had to be in. Making sure all of the 4-H tags were filled out correctly and attached to the right item. Last minute crafts or finishing up that “spring project” that was only half done. There was the frustration combined in that time of seeing the pear trees not ripen in time, or not having grown the “giant” pumpkin that we had hoped for. Or, more personally, not beating my own record of having more entries than the year before.

Once that big rush was over, it was all about enjoying ourselves at the fair. Walking around and seeing the familiar faces and chatting with all of our other friends and neighbors doing much the same thing. We loved walking Read More…

Summer Garden Photos and growing Fennel

I was out in the garden early this morning weeding and thought I would share some of this year’s summer yellow squashgarden pictures! The tomatoes are still so small but the squash is doing okay and the kale and swiss chard have given us several stir-fry’s and quiches already. The brussle sprouts are getting taller every day and the fennel looks amazing! I’ve never grown fennel before and for a long time the seedlings were straggly but Read More…

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