Sunday Frittata for the Week

I am someone that almost always skips breakfast during the busy Sunday Frittata weekdays. I’m either rushing to get to work or too distracted to think of something more than a quick muffin or bagel. Lots of carbs and all the rushing around usually leaves me hungry by 10am. Too early to eat my lunch, so I wind up snacking. I’ve been trying to do better and my idea is to start making an easy, healthy, protein packed breakfast that I can eat and be satisfied with until lunch.

Eggs are my go-to protein breakfast that can hold me over but I never have enough time in the mornings. I have made the cute little breakfast egg cups in the past (check out my good recipe here: Ham and Egg Muffin Cups) but they honestly take too much of my weekend time. I needed something that was a “quick, throw it all together” kind of prepped item that would last me the whole week.

Bonus……….my brilliant ah-ha moment idea also is a great way to clear out the left over side dishes from the weekend that are lying around in the fridge.

Enter………the Sunday Frittata!

A frittata is an easy baked egg dish that requires no crust and is a “throw everything in” kind of meal that can be packed with lots of veggies and even some left over meat. The frittata is similar to a crustless quiche or a thick omelette that usually has meat, cheese and either vegetables or pasta all mixed into the egg-base.

The nice thing is this breakfast on the run idea won’t get boring as each week the ingredients can change based on what you have in your fridge. Left over ham? Some lingering Roasted Cauliflower? That last bell pepper that is starting to wrinkle? All of that can get chopped up and tossed into the mix. Baked all together on a Sunday afternoon or evening, slice it into five sections and you have yourself a hearty breakfast each morning.

Now, not everyone will agree with me here, but for me, another bonus to this easy breakfast is that on the super rushed mornings, I can eat my slice cold and dash out the door. Personally, I enjoy cold frittata and even some other egg dishes like quiche or egg sandwiches. Kind of like a cold slice of pizza, I have been known to eat a thick slice of this frittata in one hand and grab my car keys with the other!

This is my third week in a row having this handy fast breakfast and I have found myself feeling more upbeat on my drive in to work and been more focused during the morning hours. This lady is making a good attempt at not being one of those “breakfast skippers” anymore. Everyone seems to have a different idea about frittata’s but here is how I make mine.

I like using my trusty enamelware pie tin as the vessel for my frittata’s as it seems like the perfect size for my week’s worth of breakfasts. It comes out not too thick and not to thin so I just keep using it!

Next, you’ve got to start with good farm fresh eggs. For my pie tin, I use about seven or eight large eggs, beating them together in a bowl with a fork until a little frothy.

Next, I place all of my fun ingredients that I have found in my fridge and pantry into my pie tin. For this frittata I sliced up some left over goose meat, sliced a half of a yellow summer squash, tossed in left over Parmesan Oven Roasted Cauliflower, a few measly green beans that were still hanging around and topped it with a good handful of shredded Vermont cheddar cheese.

Frittata filling

Pour the beaten eggs over top of the mixture and then place into the oven at 350 degrees F and bake for approximately 30-45 minutes or until the eggs are set. You can test that by touching the middle of your egg dish and if it feels spongy or springs back at you when lightly pressed, it is set.

Frittata ready for the oven

And there it is! My Sunday Frittata that gets me through my work week!

Sunday Frittata ready for the week


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2 responses to “Sunday Frittata for the Week”

  1. Judy @ NewEnglandGardenAndThread says :

    Sounds like a winner when you can get a daily ‘quick’ dose of protein and clean out your refrigerator. I like it. 🙂 Hope Maine is treating you well.

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