Another Day at the Antique Fair

I grew up around what most people call Antique fair collage“junk.” My husband says my family is a bunch of hoarders (not quite that bad as seen on television….I can actually see my flooring). Not hoarders, I tell him, collectors. Big difference. So what was so amazing about asking my husband what he wanted to do for his birthday weekend? His answer of “well, that antique fair you always like to go to is this weekend, let’s go to that.” Mind. Blown.

Okay, not exactly mind blown as this moment has been leading up to for a while now. When we first met it was “junk” in my house – like the collection of egg baskets I have or the neat line-up of old flower “frogs” on my windowsill. My antique watering can that I use everyday was something he wanted to replace with a “shiny new one” from the Tractor Supply store. Funny how he now enjoys these antique fairs and has started his own collections of “junk” here on the farm.

A vintage troll we found that might just help out our bingo game this week!

A “just for giggles” item that my mother in law and I split at the whopping price of a dollar – a vintage troll we found that might just help out our bingo game this week!

Even as a child I was always on the “hunt” for something. Always looking, finding, buying, trading and even selling my antique and vintage treasures. My parents were antique dealers and as a child at some of the antique shows I was given a table to sell my own items. This of course was only so that I could then go out and buy more…a never ending cycle that worked just fine by me. That sense of excitement of what might be at that yard sale or the item in the bottom of a box lot or even the dirty or rusty “thing” on the dollar table at a flea market is what brings me back again and again to the world of antiquing. Most of the time I’m on a budget but some things are seen as an investment or splurge. But all of the time, it is just good plain fun that I can now happily share with my husband!



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One response to “Another Day at the Antique Fair”

  1. Eliza Waters says :

    The thrill of the hunt!

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