You Know He’s a Vermonter When…

So another funny local story to share. My father frequents the local hardware store like any good Vermonter that needs anything from twine, bolts,hardware store buckets, to a piece of 2×4 or a patio dining set. The other day he was in there talking to the hardware guys when our neighbor came in. They all talked for a bit and the conversation got around to what my dad and neighbor were in the store for. Dad got what he needed from the friendly store associates and then they helped our neighbor find the 5-minute epoxy he was searching for.

Apparently our neighbor – well let me back-track a bit. You have to first understand that he is one of the “good ole boys” a generational Vermonter. And typical of those “good ole boys” he has his hands in too many pots owning not only a local slate quarry, but also a vineyard and winery (VERY good wine), a maple sugaring business, and having other daily jobs like raising his meat cows and other farm animals. He lives life with a side-ways grin and a shrug of his shoulders to any daily task or problem. In his late 60’s (might even be in his early 70’s – no one knows) he has seen life from many different time periods and has some interesting ideas about the world around him.

Okay, back to the hardware store…so he pulled my father aside asking him what his opinions of 5-minute epoxy’s were and if he had some he liked better than others. Trying to help, dad replied that it would all really depend upon what he needed it for. He pointed out one that he had used in the past with good results. “Oh no,” replied our neighbor “that one is too white. You see I have this crown on my tooth that keeps coming off and I want to just tack it back on so it stays but I want it to blend in with my teeth and they aren’t that white.”

Dad politely nodded then inquired that perhaps he should go see a dentist as he was sure the epoxy’s they used would be far less toxic to have in your mouth than the ones used for most household projects. No no, our neighbor assured him, if a dentist can just epoxy a tooth cap on, it would be much cheaper to do it himself. The hardware associate at that point joined in the conversation and my dad quickly paid for his purchases and left before he could be a contributor to a dental hack-job. We haven’t stopped by our neighbors to see what the final result was but we feel assured the “good ole boys” at the hardware store gave him sound advice… hopefully consult his dentist.

Yup, had us all laughing about this story – one you are sure to only hear living in New England with some truly colorful characters! Just wanted to share the laugh at living with locals! (Please note – we are pretty sure his wife talked him out of his idea so rest assured!)


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2 responses to “You Know He’s a Vermonter When…”

  1. Judy @ NewEnglandGardenAndThread says :

    From a safety standpoint, I’m sure the wife did talk him out of it. But, I’ll also bet his system would have worked and no one would have come with a dental action plan for the next three years that will probably set him back more the value of one of his steers. 🙂

  2. Eliza Waters says :

    Old Yankees 😉 They are resourceful, to say the least!

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