Dreaming of a White Christmas

Well, here it is, December 9th and still no snow in Vermont! I can’t say I’m really complaining as it has been quite nice to not be buried deep in snow andwhite christmas having to shovel my way out to the car each morning. The chickens certainly are enjoying the freedom of walking about and free-ranging this far into winter. It is also nice that the stream hasn’t frozen over yet so no need to trudge out buckets of water each morning to the chickens. I can’t help but feel that something is missing though. It just doesn’t FEEL like December in Vermont with all this brown and green across the fields and lawns. This must be what it feels like living down South or out West where the Christmas decorations are hung up but everything is still green.

One of our all time favorite Christmas movies is the wonderful White Christmas starring Bing Crosby, Danny Kaye, Vera-Ellen and Rosemary Clooney. It is a great Christmas classic set in rural Vermont during the 1940’s. The characters, all music performers, set out to Vermont for various reasons (chasing two beautiful ladies) and wind up trying to help save a failing inn and of course fall in love along the way. The music and dancing are so reminiscent of that era and makes you (or at least me) wish you could dance like that! Our family all loves the cozy feeling we get while watching this movie.

Well, right now, we know just how the characters feel as they are set in Vermont in December with no snow! What is Christmas without a White Christmas? I hope I don’t eat my words soon with 10-foot high snow drifts, but it is feeling a little less like the holidays with all this green still hanging around!

Anyway, if you feel in the mood for some good laughs, gorgeous gowns, fancy footwork. and great singing, grab the popcorn and a warm blanket and watch this movie with the whole family! Even without snow, it brings some Christmas magic to the season!


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2 responses to “Dreaming of a White Christmas”

  1. Judy @ NewEnglandGardenAndThread says :

    I watched it last weekend. It is a ‘must’ for me every season. 🙂

    • vermontfarmheart says :

      We also like Holiday Inn which some say is the “prequel” to White Christmas. It isn’t quite as good, but there are some pretty funny parts like the exploding homemade peach preserves!

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