Vermont State Fair 2015

Going to the fair each year brings back so many memories! As a 4-H kid, that meant the weeks leading up to the fair full of angst and frustration (in a vermont state fairfun kind of way!). Angst in worrying if my tomatoes would ripen in time or if we could squeeze in some last minute canning creation before all the entries had to be in. Making sure all of the 4-H tags were filled out correctly and attached to the right item. Last minute crafts or finishing up that “spring project” that was only half done. There was the frustration combined in that time of seeing the pear trees not ripen in time, or not having grown the “giant” pumpkin that we had hoped for. Or, more personally, not beating my own record of having more entries than the year before.

Once that big rush was over, it was all about enjoying ourselves at the fair. Walking around and seeing the familiar faces and chatting with all of our other friends and neighbors doing much the same thing. We loved walking through the exhibit barns and animal barns as well as the highlight – seeing the ribbons we won in 4-H from all of our hard work!

This year was no exception, though the 4-H part is gone. We still enjoyed walking around the 4-H building and seeing what has changed and what hasn’t.

4-H building

The Grange also offered lots of neat vegetables and canned items one would never think of (pickled beef?). I love seeing who has the heaviest pumpkin, this year a whopping 384-lbs. I had no idea okra and artichoke could grow in Vermont but there were several entry’s of each. Something I may have to try next year (though not the okra – not my favorite!).

canning items

We had gotten into photography this year and my husband entered a few of his favorite photos in the adult Grange photo contest. We were all so happy to see our shining chicken, Priscilla, with a blue ribbon up on the wall! When we get that photo back, it will have to go up proudly on the wall of our kitchen!

blue ribbon for Priscilla

The local Master Gardener chapter did the most beautiful display this year not only with their herbs and flowers but with their edible garden space. They had volunteers there in the garden to pick a ripe cherry tomato or pull a fresh orange carrot from the ground and offer it to anyone who wanted a taste of the homegrown. What a neat way to engage people in their exhibit! We all shared the carrot and enjoyed the cherry tomatoes they offered us!

Master Gardner club

The barns filled with the farm animals is always fun to walk through. This year there seemed to be lots of baby pigs around! The dairy barn had its usual row upon row of freshly washed and “fair ready” cows that ate the prime hay in their bins. Our favorite part about the dairy barn is the sample of fresh butter and fresh milk you can get! YUM!

fair pigs

I love keeping traditions alive and going to the fair with family is one I hope we can keep!

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4 responses to “Vermont State Fair 2015”

  1. Eliza Waters says :

    I haven’t been to the fair in years. It might be time for another visit!

    • vermontfarmheart says :

      YES! Even though this year’s fair was kind of sad (low attendance, changes in management, etc.) it still renews my spirit in the youth and in the farming of Vermont! Always so nice to see so many folks that still believe in growing food for their family πŸ™‚

  2. Eliza Waters says :

    Oh, and congrats on winning the blue ribbon!

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