Brew Fests and Locals

I’ve been to quite a few brew fests around the area. I always enjoy my time at them but find so many of chillin at the brew festthem tend to be expensive and not as much fun unless you bring a group of friends. The expense usually comes from having to pay a cover fee and then after your two or three “samples included” drinks, you wind up shelling out quite a bit of extra cash to try more beers. So yeah, fun but it can become an expensive trip real quick. Then, to stay somewhat coherent as you try the brews, you want to have something to eat. There you pull out your wallet again to purchase overpriced food.

The opportunity to head out into the cold and try some VERY cold brews was too hard to pass up. Besides, the sun finally came out and the weather warmed up to the 30s!

And so we set off for the Adirondack Brewery’s Annual Festival of Barrels! It was an outdoor brew fest where you could sample limited edition oak barrel-aged ales from over ten local New York breweries. Undeniably, it was the best brew fest we have ever been to! Everyone was so happy to be outside in the sun sampling beers that it was one giant party were everyone was your friend. The BEST part was that with the admission price, you could sample as much and as many times as you wanted and could eat all the food you could! Second best part? This was an event for the locals. No tourists here, only those living within an hour of the fest and everyone was out wearing their Carhartt’s, snowsuits, and favorite team gear.

Festival of Barrels

There was a huge bonfire in the center of the event to keep you warm and more than enough food. Tables around the area held big bowls of peanuts and pretzels, but there was also a cheese station, hot chili and garlic knots available.

bonfire at the brew fest

The live band kept everyone moving and the beer flowed freely. We had a terrific time and will absolutely be back next year!

live band



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4 responses to “Brew Fests and Locals”

  1. Kristina says :


  2. Judy @ newenglandgardenandthread says :

    I’ve never been to an outdoor brewfest, but it sounds and looks like fun. I do love good beer at any one of our local breweries which seem to be increasing in number by the week.

    • vermontfarmheart says :

      Agreed! We love all the small breweries that are starting in the Vermont area! Some of the small, limited amount beers are the best! The beers at this fest were aged in barrels that gave the beers a totally different flavor which was so fun to try. They were created just for this event so when the samples ran out, that was it for the year. So much fun!

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