Fall Pallet Pumpkins – Ladies with Power Tools

A crafty friend of mine saw a picture of “pallet pumpkins” and knew that we had to do these! I was able to locate two good looking my finished pumpkin palletpallets with the slats closer together than most and I lugged them over to her house. Turns out the photo we had found had no link to instructions so all we had to go on was the one picture. We decided that we got this – and she plugged in her sawzall.

Standing up the pallet I drew on the “pumpkin” shape and she started cutting. (I admit I am a little terrified of her zeal in using all of her power tools but also a bit envious in the fact that she uses them with such skill as they really do scare me to death) Bravely (with a few sparks flying when running into the nails) she cut through the pallet and shaped the pumpkin. Flipping the pallet over we cut off the pieces still holding the top and bottom on, and then basically popped out our pumpkin shape!

drawing the shape on the pallet

drawing the shape on the pallet

cutting the pumpkin shape

cutting the pumpkin shape

cutting the back supports off

cutting the back supports off

Removing the top and bottom, leaving only the middle brace, had weakened the pallet slats so we screwed a brace on the back to give it a little extra structure. Once the pumpkin shape was cut, it was just a matter of painting on the orange and green stem, and as a finishing touch, tying on the burlap bow.

back of the pumpkin that we secured

back of the pumpkin that we secured

painting the pumpkins

painting the pumpkins – with a little help from her daughter

It only took us a little over an hour to cut out the two large pumpkins and then an additional hour to paint them. Not bad for two ladies and no instructions. If you have any pallets lying around, this is a fun project. I can see how people really get into these pallet projects!

our finished pumpkins

our finished pumpkins!!


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2 responses to “Fall Pallet Pumpkins – Ladies with Power Tools”

  1. Eliza Waters says :

    Now this is definitely the most unique Halloween decoration I’ve ever seen – great job!

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