Independence and Brisket

What a beautiful fall weekend! It rained and was windy all day on Saturday but that was the perfect day to put the crockpot on withRathbuns homemade chili and to do some work inside the house. We did the normal “weekend work” of laundry, dishes, and taking out the garbage but we treated ourselves out to brunch at the local hub. If you live in our area, Rathbuns Maple Sugar Restaurant is the place to go for great breakfast grub. The family has been tapping trees and making maple sugar for over four decades and their whole family runs the restaurant which only serves breakfast on Saturday’s and Sunday’s from 7am to 1pm. The food is always homemade and sumptuous but the best time of year to go is in the fall when they serve up their made-from-scratch hot apple cider or pumpkin spice pancakes! That evening we lit the fireplace and stayed there pretty much the rest of the night, moving only to get refills on hot apple cider while we read our books.


On Sunday, the day was beautiful. The sun came out, the wind was there but only as a gentile breeze, and the temperature was a nice 58 degrees. We hadn’t been for a good hike in a while and decided to head over to Mount Independence to check out the new exhibit in their museum and tackle one of their lovely trails. Mount Independence is one of our favorite places to hike in the fall and snowshoe at in the winter.

mount independence in the fall

It is a quiet place off the beaten path that is a National Historic Landmark and one of the largest Revolutionary War archaeological sites in the US. We packed some snacks and water and made our way taking the back roads through Vermont to our destination.

hiking mt. independence

The parking lot was actually pretty crowded (12 cars) but there are so many trails we only ran into three other couples as we hiked. The fall foliage was stunning over on the New York side when we reached the overlook. The lake was calm and a few osprey flew overhead.

fall leaf

One of the best smells of fall to me is the decaying leaves. While some find it offensive to the nose, I love that wet scent while crunching through the woods.

After our hike we stopped at a local BBQ place on the side of the road. Simple, good, local food is served as it in containers and if you so choose to sit and eat, ignoring the cars roaring by, the view of the fields and farms are pretty picturesque.

Willie T's BBQ

The brisket is absolutely amazing and almost melts in your mouth. Alongside the brisket were the homemade baked beans in the owners signature sweet and tangy sauce that give a nice balance to the meat.

BBQ Brisket

On our way home, we took the back roads looking for ducks as our duck season starts this week and we both looking forward to heading out on the lakes and ponds soon. It is good in this crazy, technological world to take these small trips that require little more than a bit of cash, a camera, and good sturdy hiking shoes.

barn in the field



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6 responses to “Independence and Brisket”

  1. Judy @ newenglandgardenandthread says :

    Enjoyed this post – lots of good food plus exercise to balance the intake. 🙂 My husband mentioned over the weekend that it was almost chili season and I never met a BBQ dinner or pancake house I didn’t like. Sounded like a great weekend.

  2. KerryCan says :

    What a wonderful weekend! My grandparents used to live in Granville, close to Rathbun’s I guess, but I’ve never been. It, and the BBQ, and the chili, sound perfect for fall!

  3. Kristina says :

    I’ve driven by that BBQ place so many times and never stopped, I’m glad you had fun!

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