Bees, Honey and Dirt Roads

On weekends when we really don’t have much going on (which is pretty rare lately) our favorite thing to do is just drive. Pick a country roadsdirection, a dirt road, and just go. No plans, no agenda, no lists, no time constraints. We haven’t actually been able to do this in quite a while so we were blissfully happy when we decided to take some time for ourselves this weekend.

We filled our water bottles, grabbed a can of almonds for the road, made sure we had our sunglasses and a little cash and set off. I love to look at gardens and so we meandered along slowing down for any farmhouse flower or vegetable gardens that caught my eye. Cows munched grass and we were lucky enough to see several rabbits and a whole gang of turkeys in a hay field. The corn is close to picking around here and we thought it was neat to see all of the big black crows sitting on or flying above the stalks. Not so sure the farmers enjoyed them as much as we did.

It was down one of these dirt roads that we found Stony Point Apiaries with a sign saying honey for sale. Always up for some good local honey, we pulled in and wound up talking with the folks for over an hour. We bought honey but then were given a bottle of his homemade honey mead, some real honey roasted peanuts, fresh garlic, a jar of homemade pickles from his wife, and a small box of honey candies. We swapped stories about the deer hunting of late, how our gardens were doing, and who might be related to one another. It was wonderful and makes you realize how lucky we are to still live in a state that has enjoyable and welcoming people who like talking to one another and getting to know what is happening in our small lives.

Stony Point Apiaries

Our honey and goodies

After all that talking and smelling warm sticky honey we decided we were hungry and set off to find a place to eat. Our next stop came when we drove right past a small general store. We turned around and parked and took our time walking up and down the isles with lovely old uneven floorboards looking at the country old-time items mixed in with the newer stuff. Feed bags were stacked on the floor next to local wine and you could rent DVD’s out back. The post office was right by the front door and the lunch counter was open for business.

Benson Village Store

We ordered pulled pork sandwiches, chips and a cold drink to wash it down. It was fun to “people watch” as we sat there eating. People came for their mail, sandwiches, chicken feed, to return a DVD, and to catch up on the local news. Small town living at its finest!

inside the store

pulled pork sandwich

Once we had our fill, we meandered back down country roads aimed towards home. The sun was setting by the time we got back and our chickens were waiting for us to pen them in. All in all, a pretty darn good day in Vermont!


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3 responses to “Bees, Honey and Dirt Roads”

  1. Judy @ newenglandgardenandthread says :

    What a great day trip you had – fresh honey AND a delicious lunch at a general store. VT – life is good. 🙂

  2. Eliza Waters says :

    Reblogged this on Eliza Waters and commented:
    I follow Vermont Farm Heart blog, where you can find lots of yummy recipes and a slice of country living. I reblogged this post because it could be a day in the life here where I live. I just love living in New England!

  3. KerryCan says :

    That’s a great description of New England! What a wonderful encounter at the apiary!

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