Making Mozzarella Cheese

Making cheese has always seemed so nostalgic to me, and something I have always wanted to do. I had tried my hand at making cheesecheesemaking a few different times with mixed results. Queso Blanco I can make, though I find it is not the most versatile or flavorful of cheeses. It does have a very high melting point which makes it a good cheese for hot foods. It is very easy to make and is produced simply from acid coagulation with lemon juice and good milk.

Ricotta I can also make and have done so with both cows milk and sheeps milk. Back when we had all of our sheep, my mom and I turned out several pounds of ricotta each week. Luckily , it freezes well.

But cheese, like really good homemade mozzarella is something I could not seem to get down. I attempted it once on my own then broke down and bought the Cheese Queen’s mozzarella kit from the New England Cheesemaking Supply Company. Even with the supplies and instructions right there I managed twice to turn my mozzarella into dip. Albeit a very tasty dip, it was not mozzarella. I felt both times that I had wasted a gallon of good local milk.

So, I gave up only slightly okay with simply purchasing local mozzarella. Then entered a friend of mine. A scientist. Someone who unlikely that it seemed made homemade cheese, did so with scientific flair. We somehow got on to the topic of cheesemaking one day and she told me she made cheese. Mozzarella in fact. The heavens parted and shone down on her like a beacon and I jumped at the chance. I invited her over for dinner with the deal that she would show me how to make mozzarella afterward.

pulling mozzarella

pulling mozzarella

I still do not claim to make mozzarella as I have yet to make a batch on my own. But, I do feel much more confident after this personalized cheesemaking lesson. We discovered that the instructions did seem to lack detail that only someone who had either made mozzarella before or had that wizard of a scientific brain could figure out.

Most importantly, I had a great time learning this craft and then enjoying the fresh homemade cheese with a friend. We indulged that night feasting on that creamy goodness that makes mozzarella so special.

our batch of mozzarella

our batch of mozzarella

What an amazing difference when you eat fresh homemade mozzarella! I can’t wait to try my hand at it alone and now that I have the confidence and a little scientific knowledge, I’m ready.



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5 responses to “Making Mozzarella Cheese”

  1. Judy @ newenglandgardenandthread says :

    Again – if I get to pick who goes to the island with me, I choose you. LOL

  2. KerryCan says :

    I hope, once you successfully make your own, that you’ll share the instructions with us!

  3. Kristina says :

    Reading this just makes me miss Vermont (and you) so much more, you’re the best, and I can’t wait to read of your next adventure (even if I won’t be there to join it).

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