Skunks and Road Work

My grandfather always said there were two distinct signs of spring in Vermont. Road kill and road work. Road kill most specifically being skunks. I never really thought of that until today. I had to drive down to Bennington. It was a beautiful day! The sun was shining and the sky was pure blue with cute puffy white clouds drifting around. It was actually so nice out that I drove with my car windows down.

Problem was, almost every couple of miles I had to roll up the window from the strong smell of that oh-so-cute black and white striped creature. Those pesky skunks have been coming out of the woodwork for the last three days. I saw one the other day hanging around the chicken coop. Not good. They will, if given the chance, sneak into the chicken coop and steal the eggs. One (or maybe multiple…they kind of look the same) has even discovered the outdoor cat food dish and is cleaning it out while the cat sits nearby and watches….at least the cat is smart enough to stay away! We started to empty the dish when she was done eating back into the outdoor food container. Next day we found scratch marks and bite marks around the lid of the container…must have really liked the seafood delight mix.

Back to my drive to Bennington. If it wasn’t the smell of skunks making me wind my window back up, I was having to slow way down or come to a stop for those big orange diamond signs in the road. Ah, road work. Give them another month and we’ll be smelling the hot asphalt mingled with the freshly cut grass.

I’m not complaining, especially after such a long winter as we have had. I’m just saying that after years of hearing that spring was associated with road kill and road work, it kind of all came together on my drive today and I thought I should share that wisdom of what constitutes spring in Vermont.

The chickens sure are pleased to be able to walk around the farm without large drifts of snow!

happy spring chickens

We humans are pretty happy about that same thing! We took a beautiful walk in the park the other day and didn’t need twelve layers to stay warm. It was a little muddy but at this point, the mud was a welcome relief compared to snow!

spring walk


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2 responses to “Skunks and Road Work”

  1. Judy @ newenglandgardenandthread says :

    The amount of road work it is going to take to recover from this winter is almost unbelievable. I’ve never seen roads in such bad condition.

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