A New Spring, A New Me

So, a little while back on the Facebook page I said I had good news! A new spring is bringing the world into a new year of growth and along with this new spring, I have started a new job. On Monday. Whew! This is partly why my blog has been a little lacking! It sure has been one crazy month! So in the beginning of March I was contacted by recruiters I had spoken with back in October about a position with the American Cancer Society. The position back in October didn’t work out but they had kept my information on file and called me when this new opportunity opened up. That was on March 3rd. On March 6th I had a fantastic interview and on March 7th they offered me the job! That day I gave my two-week notice and on March 31st I started my new path in life.

As many of you might know, I am a huge supporter of the American Cancer Society as I lost my mom to cancer over ten years ago. I am honored to now be working as the Relay for Life Specialist for Southern Vermont.

So, I thought I would give you all a little bit of the taste my last week has been. I also wanted to reassure you all that as soon as I get into a regular schedule (and figure out what I am doing) I will be back to posting regularly. Until then, I may be a little sparse in postings but I hope you all will still stick with me!

Last Friday (my last day of work for my old job): I pulled my back out….think I was a little stressed?

Last Saturday: I lost my wallet…..sheesh!

Monday: Started my first day by driving up to Williston headquarters for training (mind you I still didn’t have my wallet so I was driving with no license…) Met AMAZING people and felt very welcomed! It was a great first day and I learned a lot about my role and what I would be doing.

Tuesday: I got to meet with one of my county Relay groups and spent the day getting to know that county and what their Relay’s in the past look like and then talked to the chairs and team captains about their plans for this year.

Wednesday: Catching up on online trainings, setting up my office – OH WAIT!!!! I forgot to tell you all about that….so yeah, this position is an at home position with a lot of traveling which is awesome! That meant us re-doing a room in the house to turn it into a home office. Now this was not a simple “move things around and bring in a desk” situation. No. This was a “rip out walls, put in insulation, fix falling down walls, plaster walls, prime walls, paint walls, sand floor, poly floors, then move in desk and other office things in” kind of project. It took 12 days.

Thursday: Spent morning working on more trainings and then read up on another of my counties Relay past to get a feel for things. Left in the afternoon to head down to Bennington to meet that county chairs and team captains. Great night and met so many nice people! Got home around 9:30pm and slept darn good.

Friday: Had to go out and get all technical and step into the real world and buy a Smartphone. Will be calling upon my younger sister to teach me how to use the thing…

Today: Finally catching my breath and reflecting on quite a week!

Photos below are from start to finish on the new home office 🙂

before shot

Here is a before shot of the room as we started to break down walls and tear down wallpaper.

walls started

Here are the walls back up and we are starting to sand the floor.

painting the walls

Here I am painting the walls!

walls done and floor sanded

Walls done and floor sanded

doing the floors

Here are when the floor is done!


And the day we moved the desk in (day 12)!


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5 responses to “A New Spring, A New Me”

  1. Eliza Waters says :

    Congratulations on the new job. It sounds like you’ve had quite an exciting month – whew! Best of luck walking your new path, we’ll be anxious to hear all about it.
    How are the chickens liking the warmer weather? Hard to believe that Spring is finally here!

  2. KerryCan says :

    What a terrific new job! It sounds like it’s perfect for you. But, wow, what a stressful few days!

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