Lake Placid – Land of Snow

We had a wonderful time in Lake Placid and it sure was beautiful! It always amazes me how most people (myself ski towersincluded) never really explore their own backyard. Case in point, Lake Placid is only about 2 hours from us and yet this was the first time I had ever been to the famous Olympic town.

We really should have taken a whole week up there to really explore the trails but we figure this will make us come back at some point! While we were there we ate great pub food and drank some terrific local beer. We watched figure skaters practice on the ice, toured the Olympic museum and ice rink, as well as took a few days to explore the snowshoe trials.

Ice skaters on the lake

Ice skaters on the lake


Trying my hand at curling at the Olympic museum

Everyone we met was so friendly and almost everyone on the trials had a happy dog, which I though was just great!

fried pickles

Best fried pickles we have ever had!

shepherd's pie

Classic pub food!

The weather was perfect – sunny, mid-30s, and the night we arrived we got some fresh powder! The trials were well groomed and we even stumbled upon some history. I had no idea that John Brown, the man behind the great Harpers Ferry raid, had a homestead up in Lake Placid. We were told that the “John Brown trail” was a great loop to hike and so we took off – going backwards – so that at the end we came upon the house, barns, graveyard where he rests, and all of the informational plaques around the park. It was so neat to end our adventure with a little history!

John Brown trail

John Brown graveyard


We missed the bobsled and dogsled rides as apparently everything closes on Mondays and Tuesdays up there – but again, something we’ll just have to go back to do some other time! Next time we will be bringing our cross-country skis as the trails looked beautiful!

trail sign

It was nice to get away, and especially hard to come home as we had a huge snowstorm the night we pulled into the driveway. The next morning we spent about two hours digging our way out of the house. The chickens were not impressed as they had finally been able to walk down to the stream to get their own water. We have had to start carrying water down to them again as the snow is too deep. Even though we love winter and sure are enjoying all the snowshoeing we have been able to do, I think we are all ready for spring!


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3 responses to “Lake Placid – Land of Snow”

  1. Eliza Waters says :

    Yes, I heard you got quite the wallop. Only the snow resort owners and skiers are happy. I agree with you, I think the rest of us are ready for spring! Glad you had an enjoyable getaway!

  2. JennyO says :

    I’m excited, moving up to Watertown and looking at exploring the area. Thank you for sharing!

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