Dreaming of My Garden and Planting Tulips

We went out snowshoeing the other day and I walked past my garden. It was buried under about two and a half feet of snow but I could still see it in my mind. The polls, trellis, and stakes poked up through the snow reminding me that spring will come again. The trellis in particular caught my eye and my mind wandered, thinking of what variety of climbing peas to plant this spring.

winter garden

This is the time of year when you get restless looking out your window. I personally start to swoon when my seed catalogs come in the mail and I almost always start a few plants indoors because I just can’t wait anymore! When snow drifts are at window level, we get in Vermont what is called “cabin fever.” We basically get stir-crazy. The snow is too deep for cross-country skiing or even snowshoeing. The weather too cold and windy for any walking or running (though who really does that anyway) on the roads. We start wearing the same sweatpants and sweatshirts every night and sometimes we don’t even change out of them during the weekends. We want to go out and see friends but it is too damn cold so we stay inside and dream of our gardens.

Reading all these seed catalogs and books on gardening got me itching to play in the dirt. Luckily a friend gave me some tulip bulbs over the weekend and I set to potting them for a little spring greenery in my home. I pulled out a bag of potting soil from the shed and warmed it up in the house for a day. I was almost giddy when I used my hands to fill the pots with the dirt. The tulip bulbs my friend gave me are going to be a complete surprise as it was both a color and breed variety pack!

planting tulip bulbs

planted tulip bulbs

Recently I’ve been reading books about gardening and chicken raising. They tend to have a double effect on me. On one hand these books give me wonderful ideas and help me learn and better plan for the coming spring. On the other hand they make me a little depressed when I’m reading about canning tomatoes and there is three feet of snow outside! One book I just finished which was fabulous is Harriet Fasenfest’s A Householder’s Guide to the Universe. Her sense of humor shines through this book that goes into personal struggles and triumphs as well as a good look at what it takes to be a homesteader in your own backyard.

I used to keep garden journals when I first started gardening. These journals were my “go-to” book for looking back on where I planted things, what worked well and what needed a different space or different growing method. I have since let the journaling go but after reading Fasenfest’s book, I got a little creative with an old notebook and starting journaling again.

my garden journal

Actually, Fasenfest makes some great arguments for keeping a journal and it was a good reminder of why I used to keep one. I already starting planning out my seed and starter list as well as drew a plan for when planting season finally arrives in Vermont!

my seed list

garden ideas

garden planning


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7 responses to “Dreaming of My Garden and Planting Tulips”

  1. Judy @ GrandparentsPlus2 says :

    I noticed the snow is piled up to the windows on the barn and half way up a side door. And, for sure, your neighbor here in NH has cabin fever big time. The calendar says 29 more days but you and I know that doesn’t exactly mean up here in the Northeast but here’s hoping spring comes earlyish. 🙂

  2. Eliza Waters says :

    Yeah, I’d say we all got it bad. Like I always say, February is the longest month of the year – lol! Like you, I’ve slacked off on garden journaling, but I tend to keep invoices and receipts so it’s a semi-record of sorts! Love the artful collage on the front of your garden journal. 🙂

  3. KerryCan says :

    You pretty much described my life here in upstate New York–hunkering down in comfortable clothes, staying in the house, and reading seed catalogs! I like your idea of planting tulips–I didn’t know you could do that! when will they bloom?

    • vermontfarmheart says :

      I love planting tulips! Tulips and daffodils are my favorite spring flowers. So, most tulips you are supposed to plant in the fall outside in the ground….but I have trouble with chipmunks eating the bulbs so I plant mine inside in pots. They usually are blooming in about 6 weeks so they should be popping open right around the first week of April.

  4. Karen says :

    Your tulip blossoms will be so welcomed when they bloom. We have so many deer here in New Hampshire because of our orchard that I don’t plant tulips. Maybe I’ll plant a pot for indoors as well. 🙂

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