January Thaw

Last week we had ice, snow, more snow, and below freezing temperatures. So cold in fact that on the farm our pipes froze. We spent hours under the crawl space in the cellar with blow dryers and blow torches trying to thaw out our icy pipes. It was so cold that our water pump actually froze, something we had never experienced before and something we didn’t know could happen. After a few hours of heating pipes, we finally got water flowing. Right out of one of the pipes and all over the cellar. One of the smaller pipes had cracked and burst. Luckily we had defrosted the valve on the larger pipe and could shut off the water and then replace the pipe. That was all last week.

This week we have had temperatures in the high 40s and rain. So much rain that parts of our state are in a flood watch warning. So now the yard looks how it should in mid March. Not in the middle of January. There is barely any snow on the ground. You can see all the leaves from the fall. There are even parts of the lawn that are still green! I just hope my flowers don’t get confused! I have actually been enjoying this weather as I haven’t had to scrape ice off my car in almost two weeks and I have been leaving the house for work wearing a fleece zip-up instead of my below 0° rated parka along with hat, mittens and a scarf. Yesterday it was so wet outside that I had to dig out my cute rain boots to feed the chickens…I was almost giddy pulling them on!

My chickens sure have been enjoying this weather! They have been scratching in the dirt, running around, and being generally happy chickens this past week! Egg production has been up which has been a nice bonus and incentive to bake this week. I made a batch of my egg bread and also made a fresh quiche for dinner the other night. We are always excited when we do breakfast for dinner! They snow and ice had been keeping the chickens within their electric fence area but the warmer weather prompted two of our chickens to hop the fence and try for the back garden. They didn’t get much but I think they had a grand day out.

I think everyone, myself included, will be a little shocked (even though we know it is coming) to have snow again. The weatherman is predicting that we should be back in the “teens” by the end of the weekend and flurries should be back by this Friday. For now, it has been a nice break from our winter cocoon. Soon, very soon, I will be pulling out my gardening catalogs to look longingly at the pretty bulbs and gorgeous vegetables. But for now, after this January thaw, it doesn’t seem so bad to be heading back into winter.

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6 responses to “January Thaw”

  1. Eliza Waters says :

    We New Englanders still have a bit of a slog ahead of us, don’t we? But we are grateful for whatever breaks we get!

  2. Judy @ GrandparentsPlus2 says :

    The first day I looked out and saw a patch of green, I did a double take. 🙂

  3. KerryCan says :

    The thaw has been a big relief here, too! Our cats go outside in decent weather and they have been as excited as your chickens!

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