Crockpot Lasagna with Kale

My family loves lasagna. I don’t make it often in the traditional way just because it seems to take so long. With the different steps like cooking the ingredients, boiling the noodles, layering, then baking, it always seems like lovely crockpot lasagna recipeI’m in the kitchen longer than I need to be. Anyway, I discovered a way to cut my time in half and still be a family favorite…crockpot lasagna!

Basically, the premise is the same, cook the beef and veggies beforehand, layer, then turn it on and you have dinner waiting for you when you get home. Perfect! Another key trick that saves time? The invention of noodles that do not need to be pre-boiled. Talk about a life saver!

So, using your own family lasagna recipe (or see mine below), simply layer (but using the oven ready noodles) your ingredients into your crockpot and turn on low for 6 hours or high for 4 hours. Presto, dinner is served.

My Lasagna ingredients:

2 8oz bags of shredded mozzarella cheese

1 9oz box of Barilla oven-ready lasagna noodles

2 24oz cans of chunky vegetable pasta sauce

1.5 pounds of lean ground beef

Two bunches of kale (or you can buy the big bags of cut kale)

Begin by cooking your beef in a pan with a little salt and pepper until done. Chop the kale into bite-size pieces and in a separate pan, cook the kale until soft with a little olive oil and salt.

cooking beef and kale

In your crockpot, pour half a can of pasta sauce and then put one layer of noodles. Then sprinkle with cheese and kale. Continue to layer, alternating beef and kale until complete.

first layer of lasagna

layer of kale

layer of meat

layering lasagna

Once all of your layers are in, finish the last layer with noodles, cheese and sauce. Then cover and cook.

ready to cook

After the lasagna is cooked (you can tell by the tenderness of the noodles), turn off crockpot. Serve lasagna with homemade rolls or garlic bread.

crockpot lasagna

serving of our crockpot lasagna

One nifty side note, this recipe coasts me a total of $13.00 and serves 6-8 people – not bad when you consider that is the same cost of one plate of lasagna at a restaurant. It would be cheaper if I did not use the beef, but we all enjoy meat in our lasagna.

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