Making Christmas Wreaths

The Christmas spirit has entered our home at last! Up until today, I really had not felt very Christmas like as I felt I hanging Christmas wreathswas still recovering from Thanksgiving. Quite honestly, I could use a few extra weeks between the two holidays. More and more it feels like we barely finish the Thanksgiving leftovers and we need to cook for Christmas. It all seems to happen so fast and it seems to take longer for us to get in the holiday spirit….or it seems that way for me anyway.

The day after Thanksgiving our neighbor put up their Christmas tree and another home down the road put up their lights. Today, it finally felt like we were ready. I woke up with a Christmas song stuck in my head and it was one that made me smile. We dug out our stockings and hung them on the mantel as well as pulled out some of our traditional Swedish decorations.

swedish christmas decorations

Some of our Swedish Christmas decorations!

What really put me in the Christmas mood was the fact that I had signed up for a wreath making workshop over at Merck Forest with a friend. On our way there we stopped in at a local holiday craft fair where we picked up a snack, looked at cute crafts and even entered our name in a holiday raffle.

The road and woods surrounding Merck Forrest still had snow making our trip complete as we felt like we were entering the winter wonderland. Entering the welcome center where the workshop was taking place, we breathed in the wonderful smell of pine boughs.

drive up to Merck Forest

The workshop was a blast as everyone was in the holiday mood with laughter, conversation, and crafting ideas being tossed around the room as bows tied, decorations were placed perfectly, and greenery formed.

We were given the wreath wire frame and then boughs of greens to cut and clamp into place.

wreath frame

Merck Forest has two antique wreath making machines where you step on a pedal to make iron jaws clamp around the wreath prongs and secure the boughs in place.

wreath making machine

It took a lot longer than I thought to select, cut and place just the “right” boughs to keep my wreath looking round and fluffy!

selecting boughs

In the end, my wreath was bigger than I thought it would be!

finished wreath

Good thing we arrived in a pick-up truck as we had to put our wreaths in the bed because they were too big to fit in the cab!

wreaths in truck

Hanging my finished wreath on the front door was the perfect ending to a fantastic day!

hanging Christmas wreaths

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One response to “Making Christmas Wreaths”

  1. Eliza Waters says :

    Another great post – I have never heard of a wreath-making machine. One would have be very cognizant of just where one’s fingers were at all times!

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