Crock-pot Corned Beef Dinner

Corned beef is not just for St. Patty’s day at our house! We love this tangy meat and I have found that cooking it in the crock-pot corned beef dinnercrock-pot or slow cooker works really well. This is always nice for me because I can stick everything in the crock-pot when I get up and then when I come home from work, dinner is ready. Throughout history, corned beef has been (and is) considered easy to make and perfect for those who do not see themselves as “cooks” because it is cheap, easy to cook, and extremely hard to overcook. In other words, my sister makes corned beef because she knows she can’t ruin it….and I’m only sort of half-joking (love you sis).

Fun fact: So the reason it is called “corned beef” is that the Old English word for different types of grains was “corn.” As corned beef was traditionally prepared with salt the size of “grains/corn”, it became known as corned beef. There has never been any actual corn in this dish (History Channel).

Traditionally corned beef is served with cabbage. I do love cabbage but not everyone eats it in our house so I find vegetables like the carrots and potatoes much more appeasing. You could certainly chop up a head of cabbage and use it in this recipe though!

3 medium size carrots

3 medium size potatoes

2 celery stalks

3-4 pound corned beef

4-6 cups of water (or enough to almost cover the beef) – you can also add in a bottle of dark beer to give the corned beef a deeper flavor but water works just as well

1-2 tablespoons pickling spice (I usually make my own by combining a bay leaf, pepper corns, mustard seeds, celery seed, coriander, and allspice)

Cut the carrots, potatoes and celery into chunks and place on the bottom of your crock-pot. Next lay the piece of beef on top of the vegetables.

corned beef on vegetables

Add the pickling spices and pour in the liquid.

pickling spices

added liquid to corned beef

Set on high for 6-8 hours or until the corned beef is cooked through and the potatoes are soft.

cooked corned beefThe corned beef with shrink up quite a bit in the cooking process but this recipe gives you almost the whole dinner as you are left with lovely corned beef alongside potatoes, carrots and celery that have been soaking up the flavors and juices! Just to give the dish some color and extra veggies, I usually serve my corned beef with a fresh vegetable like green beans or sometimes homemade applesauce.

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3 responses to “Crock-pot Corned Beef Dinner”

  1. Eliza Waters says :

    I’ve never used corned beef, but your recipe sounds easy and delicious. Is present day corned beef salted? or is it just the cut of beef?

    • vermontfarmheart says :

      It is salted, which is why you really don’t want to add any more salt to the dish when you cook (or eat) it! Most corned beef cuts of meet come packaged with the pickling spices in a little packet but some of the cheaper cuts of corned beef do not. All cuts are salted though – which is why some people like to boil their corned beef in water for a few hours and then remove it to cook in the oven as it helps remove some of the salt, just like you would for a ham. Corned beef served with something bland like plan rice or mashed potatoes is always nice as the salty meat pairs well with those sides.

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