Dehydrating Tomaotes

Well, once again our tomatoes out paced us! We have been eating them in sandwich’s, salads, stir fry’s, casseroles, and in dehydrated tomatoesomelets. I have done a few homemade salsa’s and even made our own tomato paste for the freezer. With all these super cute and great flavored orange cherry tomatoes still on the vine, I dragged out our dehydrator.

Dehydrated tomatoes are awesome and have many more uses than one would think. They can be chopped up and tossed into pasta dishes, spread out on homemade pizzas, baked into lovely herb breads, cooked into quiches or a frittata, and even used to make dips or spreads like a dried tomato hummus.

The key to dehydrated tomatoes is to make sure they are fully dried before storing in an air-tight container. You can also store them packed in oil. If they are not preserved in oil, you will need to reconstitute the tomatoes before use. This is where you can infuse some great flavors – instead of soaking them in water, you can use wine, broth, beer, and different kinds of oils. Just soak for approximately thirty minutes or longer if you know you will be using them ahead of time, until they are soft and pliable.

To dehydrate your tomatoes:

The process for dehydrating anything is pretty much the same. This is an easy way to keep a lot of your fruits, vegetables and herbs preserved for later use.

First, de-stem the tomatoes and then wash and dry them.

For these little cherry tomatoes I simply cut them in half. For my plum tomatoes I sliced into half-inch slices.

cutting tomatoes

Lay out your tomatoes on your dehydrating trays. You may want to lightly spray or oil your trays to prevent the tomatoes from sticking. At this stage, some people sprinkle a light touch of salt on the tomatoes, but I prefer to leave my tomatoes as they are.


Follow the directions according to your specific dehydrator. My tomatoes took an overnight in the dehydrator before being done to my liking but some models are quicker than others. You may also need to rotate the trays as the bottom trays seem to dry faster than those at the top. I would recommend checking your trays at least every few hours to estimate the time they may need and to see if some are done faster than others.

rotated trays

Once they are dry, remove from the trays and store according to your preference. For now I have them in a tuber-ware container, but will move them into canning jars and maybe some jars with olive oil to store once I have enough.

dried tomatoes

storing dried tomatoes

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3 responses to “Dehydrating Tomaotes”

  1. Eliza Waters says :

    Yum! You forgot to mention how delicious they are! I think the really fresh tomato taste is best captured when you dehydrate your own backyard tomatoes. So when’s the pizza party?!

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