Brimfield Antique Show July 2013

I grew up doing antique shows with my parents and my “show” family. Brimfield was one of the best shows to do as we kids hadwelcome to brimfield the freedom to set up our own table to sell stuff on and we could walk the fields seeing and buying the coolest things.

One of my earliest Brimfield memories is learning how to “properly” use port-a-pottiesthe port-a-potties. I was probably about five or six when one of my parents friends – from that point on known to my sister and I as “Uncle Joel” – lectured me on how to select, prepare, and use the port-a-potties during our Brimfield shows.

Our “Uncle Bob”, another adopted Brimfield family member, just recently turned 90-years-old and is still traveling across the country collecting and selling antiques. As a kid, Uncle Bob taught me and my sister how to bargain with the best of them and how to tell a reproduction from an original. Even without the tell-tale marks, Joel taught my sister and I how to avoid fake Wagner and Griswold cast iron antiques.

When our parents, like so many antique dealers, slowly got out of the business we stopped doing our twice-a-year Brimfield pilgrimage. Now that we are older, we had been reminiscing about the good old Brimfield days and decided to head down to Massachusetts and visit our old haunts.

Yesterday we woke up around 4:30am and were on the road by quarter to six. We made good time and were on the fields by nine!


giant slinky

This was one of the first things we saw on the field!


A darn good sign!


I loved looking at the antique quilts!

We found some terrific items and had some good laughs! I loved all of the chicken items we saw!

chicken paintings

garden items

tin chicken

garden booth

booth of stuff

big wheels

We saw a lot of people and things that brought back good memories – the best was when we ran into Uncle Joel! We swapped stories before he was off again looking for the next great deal.

my sister, joel and me

None of us had any real list of desired items so we just tooled around. There were a lot of great deals on vintage jewelry and we each picked up a few rings, necklaces, and bracelets.

pulling the cart

Here I am pulling the Brimfield cart!

wet stones

911 sign

view of strip

I was in heaven when I found a booth with vintage aprons 5 for $20 and another booth across the way that had garden items! I bought five aprons but could have bought more!

trying on aprons

There was an awesome booth that sold all things pink! The funny thing about that booth was that out of all that pink, I wound up buying an old green terracotta turtle! The turtle will be perfect in the garden. I also found a re-purposed iron fence that had a decorative iron bird and glass ball soldered onto the top which will look terrific with some climbing clematis out by our barn!

pink booth

The pink booth where I bought my green turtle!

garden turtle

My turtle! We had to move things around so that he would fit in the cart!

My sister picked up a few items and we both bought commemorative T-shirts and treated ourselves to some Brimfield grub.

food at brimfield


We found a Del’s lemonade stand!

ice cream

And a Ben & Jerry’s stand!

walking with lemon

Cooling off while we walk the fields with some lemon ice!

We had a fantastic day and even met a young boy and his pet raccoon! Now we have seen just about everything!

boy with raccoon

raccoon and boy


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