Deer and Rabbit Proofing My Garden

Well all this rain is not exactly helping my garden. My peppers look washed out and I have had to replant some of myDeer in my GardenSwiss Chard as they drowned…or washed right out of the garden. I have been out there with my Dial soap almost every other day but as soon as I can spread the little curls around the garden, they run down the sides of the beds and into the lawn. At this point I am waiting for bubbles to form around the grass.

another deer in the garden

Unfortunately, the deer and rabbits do not seem to mind the rain. I ran out of the house the other day looking I am sure like a crazy person to my neighbors with my arms waving above my head and yelling at the deer standing in the rain, rabbit in the gardenin my garden, munching on my spinach. I am glad at least one of us is enjoying the fruits of my labor.

So, in an attempt to save my garden as rain is in the forecast for the next three days, I have pulled out the chicken wire and bird netting and went about deer and rabbit proofing my beds. I only had enough chicken wire to do one bed so I pounded four posts and wrapped it around the bed with my peas as it is a tall fence and will hopefully be tall enough to protect my climbing snow peas.

chicken wire around peas

The other beds I used the black bird netting. It is a plastic fine netting that is light and easy to use. We pushed six stakes in each bed and draped the netting over the stakes. Next we used rocks and bricks to weigh down the edges so no little critter could slip inside.

black bird netting

Knowing that owls are predators of small rabbits we put our wing flapping, head rotating plastic owl on a post in the middle of the garden. Hopefully that will scare the little ones away.


owl protecting my garden

Well, I sit here with the rain pouring down and I am praying they have been discouraged by all my “security” measures.

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3 responses to “Deer and Rabbit Proofing My Garden”

  1. Judy @ GrandparentsPlus2 says :

    Oh, I do hope your tactics work. I don’t find it very satisfying to work hard in the garden only to provide a salad bar for our wildlife friends. We had a lot of deer last winter eating our shrubs and last week I found out our next-door neighbor had been feeding them all winter. I guess I’ll be working on winter protection in the fall. 😦

    • vermontfarmheart says :

      Thanks! I hear you! We have a similar issue – our summer neighbors like seeing deer on their land so they feed them too. One of their fields is RIGHT next to my garden so the deer can almost stand on their field and nibble our garden at the same time! We have gone as far as sounding off a warning shot that scares them away but then our neighbors get upset that we scared them… seems it is going to be a battle this summer!

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