Ants in the Kitchen

Woke up this morning and there were those tiny ants crawling all over my kitchen counter. Yuck! I keep my kitchenants clipart pretty clean as I cook a lot but there may have been some stray crumbs that the ants sniffed out.

I hate using harsh ant killers and chemicals where I eat so I try to use natural solutions to discourage bugs from invading my home. Ants are notorious for bringing their whole family with them once they find a food or water source in your house. Once they find what they want, they actually leave a scent trail for other ants to follow.

The best all-natural solution to getting rid of these pests is to scrub down the areas you see the ants, in my case the kitchen counters, with vinegar. The vinegar is a strong enough acidic to mess up the scent trail so the ants can’t find their way back. Wash down the targeted areas at least twice a day for a few days and that should solve the problem!

To use: mix equal parts water and white vinegar in a spray bottle or a container and wipe down the area you have seen the ants around. This water and vinegar solution is safe for kids, pets, and most people with chemical and scent allergies or with asthma.

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2 responses to “Ants in the Kitchen”

  1. Judy @ GrandparentsPlus2 says :

    I hate those things when they decide to invade. It always makes me think of the ‘Ratatouille’ movie and I want to start shooting. 🙂 Thanks for the vinegar tip. I’ve sprayed with Windex and that has done okay but I can see where the vinegar could be quicker. Happy hunting.

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