Not My Mom’s Tofu Fruit Smoothie

My mom went on a health kick when we were in our early teens and insisted we have “wonderful” silk tofu smoothies ortofu fruit smoothies shakes for lunch. Tofu – delicious. The way she used it – yuck. Yes, tofu is a good source of protein and has other health benefits but it can also taste good. I’m not sure she was able to put the words “tofu” and “good” together. Now I realize that as a teenager I might have just hated tofu and that is why it never tasted good. Sorry, I had a lot of vegetarian friends growing up and they made amazing tofu dishes!

Mom didn’t do too badly when cooking tofu but the smoothies! YUCK! Her basic recipe was to put silk tofu in a blender with a few pieces of fruit. Yeah, it didn’t work. All you ever tasted was the tofu.

I happen to be in the tofu section of the store the other day and picked up my usual two packs of extra firm tofu to use in stir fry or on the grill and the boxes of silk tofu, which were on sale, caught my eye. I wondered to myself how to make a tastie tofu shake as I dropped a package into my cart.

Once home I let the package sit in my fridge for a few days as I mulled a recipe over in my head. Finally, yesterday, I decided to give it a go and pulled out my blender.

Damn it – I have been missing an awesome homemade smoothie for the past twenty years all from bad food memories! With a few extra ingredients, that my mom would cringe at, I think I’ll be putting this smoothie recipe in my go-to pile! Below is my recipe and one I will stick pretty close to, though I don’t see why you can’t mix up the fruit a bit if you don’t have one or another or want to substitute your favorites!

1 1lb package of silk (or extra soft) tofu

1/2 cup of orange juice

1 cup of strawberries cut into chunks

1 peeled banana

1/4 cup of pitted sweet cherries

3 tablespoons of raw honey

Put the tofu, orange juice, banana, and strawberries in the blender and blend until smooth.

silk tofu

adding fruit

Add the honey and the cherries and blend until everything is well combined. The cherries by the way make the smoothie an awesome bright color!

cherries in tofu smoothie

blended tofu fruit smoothie

This makes about 8 cups which is great as you can drink a glass and then put the rest in containers for another day…or another snack later!

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One response to “Not My Mom’s Tofu Fruit Smoothie”

  1. Gisa says :

    That was an AWESOME strawberry tuff smoothie! thank youuuuu! just bought a vitamix and was soooo hungry for lunch, read your blog, went to the store, bought all my stuff and now have a full belly on this awesome drink. will give to the kiddos when they get home! Merci!!!

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