Martini Glass Tuna Salad – Great Party Serving Idea

Hello blog readers! I posted pictures of my martini glass tuna salads on Facebook but I wanted to share this neat servingmartini glass tuna salad idea with you all.

So it all started out with hosting a little get-together with a friend I hadn’t seen in a while. She recently went gluten and dairy free so figuring out lunch was a fun challenge. Luckily she can still drink wine and we both love tuna! Don’t get me wrong, tuna is such a great food, but honestly it can be kind of boring served on a lettuce leaf…seeing as I had no gluten-free bread in the house.

I was searching through my kitchen to see what I had on hand and saw the martini glasses still sitting on the counter from Memorial Day when I made strawberry daiquiri drinks for everyone. Those glasses gave me the idea to serve the tuna salad in them. But wait! What about the classic martini (or any drink for that matter) garnish? Looking in the fridge I had a jar of dill pickle spears and a container of cherry tomatoes. Light bulbs flashed and the combination was a hit! These tuna martini’s were so cute and easy to put together! We had a blast making card crafts and when it came time for lunch, our stomachs as well as our senses of humor were satisfied.

tuna salad in martini glasses

What I did:

First I lined the martini glass about half way up with baby spinach leaves.

Next I put a big dollop of tuna salad in the glass on top of the spinach.

For a topping I put some homegrown sprouts but you could leave it plain or put a sprig of celery leaves on top.

To be a little cute as well as provide some pizzazz, I stuck a chunk of the dill pickle spear and a cherry tomato on a toothpick and then set it on the edge of the glass as the “martini garnish”.


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3 responses to “Martini Glass Tuna Salad – Great Party Serving Idea”

  1. Judy @ GrandparentsPlus2 says :

    Wonderful idea and I’m sure you friend appreciated the effort you made to exceed her dietary needs.

  2. Lindsey Walker says :

    I loved them! They tasted so great! I had so much fun!!! We must do it again soon!!!!

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