Antiquing on a Sunday

I grew up in the antiquing business and cut my first teeth while sitting on a blanket in the middle of Brimfield. My antiquesparents were artists and antique dealers. On the weekends we would either find ourselves scouring yard sales, at local auctions or traveling to antique and flea markets looking for old tins and wood items for my artist mom to paint on or better antiques that we could resell, that is if we weren’t already on the road at an antique show or an art show. During the week, my father fixed up and prepped the items for my mom to paint. She did old quotes and sayings and sometimes landscape painting on these treasures to make one-of-a-kind folk art.

This is truly a part of my life that I miss and wish I was still more involved in. As I am not, I enjoy the occasional antique or flea markets where I can still hunt for treasures and meet interesting people.

This past weekend was the Washington County Antique Fair and Flea Market held at their fair grounds. I hadn’t been in a few years and was excited that I could actually go this year. It was like being transported back into childhood – though maybe not as intense as those trips had been as we were there for business – this time I was there for pleasure.

antiques 2

The people were the same – eclectic, eccentric, kind, and fun to talk to. They were also ruthless with their deals and selling methods. It was great!

antiques 3

antique 4

antiques 5

I found so many things I wanted but did not need or have the room for. Primarily I was there looking for things to use around the farm, for my chickens, or in my garden. Luckily I only brought $40 cash and that was my spending limit. With that $40 (which included the $3 entrance fee) I was able to purchase a beautiful blue/almost black enamel pot for $15 which I am not sure what I’ll do with, but it was beautiful and I couldn’t pass it up. I may use it for my knitting needles and yarn or might put a plant in it for the summer. I also spotted an old copper bell for $5 that had a wooden clapper and had a beautiful sound. I thought it would make a great wind chime on the front porch. The last thing I bought was part antique and part new. A women had a both of antique items that she re-purposed. Some of which were old tins that she filled with “pecan pie” scented candles. Smelled so good I splurged and bought one for $10.

my pot and bell

Well, after only spending $33 we treated ourselves to a little ice cream before heading out. It was a great day and I couldn’t have spent it other way that would have brought so many smiles to my face!

ice cream treat

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