Out in My Garden

It has been gorgeous weather lately here in Vermont. I don’t think I have planted seeds directly in the ground this early in the season in a long time. Not only that, but it has been so pleasant at night that we have put the screens in and slept with the windows open!

in my garden gear

In my garden gear!

The other night after work we decided to put up the cucumber trellis and plant some more seeds.

the bed

The bed before

putting in trellis

Putting in the trellis

trellis planted

The trellis is up and the seeds are planted!

While we were out there I was surprised and elated to see that the spinach seeds are already sprouting! We might just have fresh spinach in a few weeks – YUM!

spinach up

I also took some time to weed the round herb and rose garden in the back. Hard to believe there were that many weeds growing already!

rose garden

The cat tried to help with the weeding, but she didn’t really get the whole process…

cat in the garden

Somehow a little patch of johnny-jump-ups (wild viola) made its way into the circle garden! I know it is technically a wildflower (and called a “weed” by my expert gardening neighbor) but I couldn’t resist leaving it where it was as it meant some color in the garden!

wild violas


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6 responses to “Out in My Garden”

  1. finnhoward says :

    It might be a weed, but it sure is pretty!

  2. divedaddy03 says :

    Your ground all looks so natural and healthy. Good pics!

    • vermontfarmheart says :

      Thanks! We did have to add some topsoil this year as some of the beds needed extra dirt. But, after years of adding compost from our kitchen and picking out the rocks we finally have good soil and didn’t actually have to do too much to be ready to plant!

      • divedaddy03 says :

        That’s incredible! I just made a video (on my YouTube channel) about how to get compost from the woods for free…it’s actually the first time that I’ve ever done that but I’ve seen it done in the past ant thought it was a good idea. I WISH we could have chickens here but HOA won’t let us…haha I’m enjoying your blog, Wayne.

  3. Judy @ GrandparentsPlus2 says :

    Love your gear and your weather is sure better than ours. Our night time temps are still in the upper 30’s. And, I agree Johnny-Jump-Ups may not be a proven winner but I love them – simple little flower but with beautiful little faces.

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