Use Those Eggshells!

Okay, so we have 24 laying hens. We get about a dozen eggs per day. We eat eggs almost every day. That is a lot of eggshells! Getting eggs from coopSo, just what do you do with all of those lovely eggshells?

Now, I had known about using the eggshells in our compost and using them to start seeds (apparently not the best idea) but other than that, I usually tossed them as we had too many and I could never figure out how to use a whole bunch at one time.

I read a really nice blog post by Rural Spin the other day and am happy I did. The blog post has some terrific ideas on what to do with eggshells and how to go about preparing the eggshells for use.


I really like the idea of using them to deter slugs….I always have slug problems in my garden!

Check out that blog link below and let me know YOUR uses for eggshells!

7 Ways to Use Eggshells


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3 responses to “Use Those Eggshells!”

  1. Judy@grandparentsplus2 says :

    Have to ask what those interesting nest boxes are made out of?

    • vermontfarmheart says :

      The metal ones? Honestly, they were in the chicken coop when we bought the farm 20-something years ago! They are pretty neat as each nest is completely boxed in, but the sides have little cut-outs so the chickens can see each other. The only thing we have had to do to it is replace the wooden bars as they rotted away. I have never seen anything like it, so I don’t know if the original farmer built it or not.

  2. finnhoward says :

    My parents always used them in compost. I like the idea of the calcium boost though and to deter slugs!

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