What a Weekend!

I love weekends where you had fun AND feel like you accomplished things! This weekend was definitely one of those spring is hereweekends as we were able to tackle some projects and cross things off our to-do list, spend time together, and have some fun. We hadn’t exactly planned on doing anything we actually got done this weekend, but the weather was so beautiful on Saturday that we switched gears and headed outdoors.

Actually our weekend started off on Friday when we had enjoying dipour niece over. She loves our goldfish and apparently loves homemade dip with veggies as well! I think she liked the dip more than the veggies though as she is a true up-to-your-wrist triple dipper. We took her out to play with the chickens and baby chicks who were maybe not so excited to have someone chase after them. We caught a few adult and baby chicks for her to pet and hold. It wasn’t until after I realized I didn’t get any cute photos. Darn! We’ll just have her over again!

chicks saying hello

Saturday we woke up early as the sun streamed through the windows and so I made omelets for everyone. Nothing gets you moving like a farm fresh egg omelet with sliced tomatoes and spinach!

tomato and spinach omelet

Once breakfast was over we grabbed our gloves and rakes and started on the front garden. I had seen a little green peeking through the cover of leaves and thought it was time to rake off last fall and celebrate the new spring.

raking up the yard

Not only did we rake away the leaves but we tackled a few overgrown bushes that needed a good trim. Our cat kept us company and enjoyed the revealed cool dirt to roll in.

enjoying the dirt

We piled all of the leaves in our farm truck and unloaded it in the chicken run. They went wild digging through the leaves to find bugs and grubs. There was a worm that we happen to rake up and two of our chickens played tug-of-war.

filling up the truck

chickens looking in the leaves

That night we made kale chips (recipe in another post) and dip for dinner. Simple yet yummy!

Sunday we got all of our gear together and headed to the pool for some practice dive time. We love to dive but in Vermont, you can only dive for about 4 months out of the year! To keep up our skill level we try to join friends in the pool every couple of months.

diving in the pool

Not bad for a weekend! Well, back to work…I’m already looking forward to Friday!

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