Easter at our Homestead

When I was growing up, Easter was always a big celebration. Sunrise service at church, Easter egg hunts, Easter baskets,Easter chick a big dinner with leg of lamb and homemade mint sauce…it was fun for all and a time to gather the family together.

This year on the homestead we did things a bit different. The farming aspect never stops and with a new group of baby chicks to care for, Easter was a bit more mellow. First, because of travel and work schedules, Easter was held on Saturday at the house.

 I awoke early and put the ham in the oven along with a batch of cupcakes. I had hard-boiled eggs on Friday evening, so they were shelled, separated, and whipped into deviled eggs. Spinach was washed and dried and veggies were chopped for a big salad.

Easter ham

A change in weather meant a beautiful Saturday here on the farm with the sun shining and everyone out and enjoying the fact that spring has finally arrived. The chickens were straining against the fence looking at green grass that is beginning to grow. We spent a good portion of the morning playing with the chicks.

playing with chicks

Then we took time to expand the chicken fence so the chickens could stretch their legs.

moving chicken fences

pushing in fences

Good thing we were working outside with them because half way through setting up the fence we noticed a bird fluttering around our heads and crashing into the ground. The closer we looked, we realized it wasn’t actually a bird, but a bat.

bat in daylight

Sorry for the fuzzy photo but the bat kept moving around…

I happen to love bats, but I know for a fact they should not be flying about on a bright sunny day. Let alone crashing into the ground where the chickens are. We wound up shooting it because it was displaying such odd behavior. We will figure out what to do with it a bit later, but at least the chickens are safe.

shooting the bat

Easter may have been more of a working day for us this year, but we enjoyed the time spent with our animals and then sitting down to a good homemade meal. We are now chilling out with a glass of wine and a cupcake as the day winds down.


Easter vanilla cupcakes with chocolate almond icing!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter weekend!

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One response to “Easter at our Homestead”

  1. finnhoward says :

    A happy Easter to you! That’s odd about the bat. Glad the chickies are safe!

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