Our New Chicks

Nothing brings a smile to my face like the little “cheep, cheep” of baby chicks!baby chick

We went to the local Tractor Supply store and picked out nine Rhode Island Reds and three Tetra Tints, which are a cross between a Rhode Island Red and a White Leghorn. The chicks are white, but when they are adults they get red, brown, or black highlights on their wingtips.

Chicks in a box!

Chicks in a box!

They cheeped all the way home and then happily settled into their new pen. My much more handy dad and sister spent the day making the separate section for the chicks inside the main chicken coop. We did this same pen last year for our chicks and it worked beautifully as the hens could see and hear the chicks as they grew. Once the chicks were old enough to be let in with the main flock, everyone was already comfortable with each other and so nobody was picked on.

baby chick pen

As soon as we put the chicks in their pen, some of the older hens were already making that neat “cooing” sound as they peered through the fence and over the edge of the tub to get a look at the newest members of the family.

look at the new chicks

Looking at the little cuties!

checking out the baby chicks

checking out the baby chicks!

These fuzzy little ones will grow fast so we are all getting our “chick love” in while we can!

holding the chick

our baby chicks


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