Healthy Tuna and Herring Salad

I needed something protein packed and crunchy for lunch this week and decided to make tuna salad…but, thought I Tuna and herring salad on crackerswould kick up the flavor and protein power a notch and mix in some kippered herring!

This boneless fish is packed with omega-3 fatty acids (the good stuff) as well as protein! Yes, when I opened the cute can it comes in, it does have a fishy smell, but when it is mixed with tuna and a little lime juice, you can’t smell it and it tastes great! Honestly, I get sick of tuna after a while as it has a “tuna” taste. Mixing in the kippered herring makes this salad taste more like a fish salad than a tuna salad. YUM!

The key to this lunch is using lots of celery and the lime juice. The crunch of the celery gives the mushy fish some texture and the lime juice livens the whole dish up.

What you will  need:

1 cans of light tuna packed in water

1 can of kippered herring

1 teaspoon of lime juice

1 teaspoon of yellow mustard

2 tablespoons of mayonnaise

4 stalks of celery

This recipe makes enough for lunch for two people – or in my case two work days worth of lunch!

Start by chopping the celery into small pieces.

chopped celery

Open, drain and add the two cans of tuna.

adding the tuna

Open and drain the herring and add to the mixture. The herring is in whole fillets so you’ll need to break up the pieces a bit. The herring is boneless, but the skin is still on. Personally I like the skin, but you can take if off if you like.

Kippered herring

Kippered herring

Add the lime juice, mustard, and mayonnaise and mix thoroughly. If it seems too dry, you can add a little more of each ingredient.

adding the wet ingredients

I enjoy this tuna and herring salad by itself, in a wrap, or served on crackers!

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