Tofu Stir Fry

When my sweetheart and I first met, he wouldn’t even consider eating tofu. He was so against certain food items – foodsTofu stir fry he of course had never actually eaten, but assuredly hated, that it began to drive me nuts. I would mention something like almond milk and he would freak and say he would never drink that, or he would balk at the idea of me growing Swiss chard in the garden because he would never eat weird greens.

Well, only a few years later, he is the one putting almond milk in the shopping cart and asking me if I am planning on growing bok choy in the garden this year.

I did this by (I know, I know, horrible of me!!) sneaking in the foods he hated into foods he liked. For example, when I made chili, I would sneak in parsnips and cubed butternut squash. I would add a little tofu to our chicken stir fry or put a bit of kale in the pork fried rice, or maybe a dash of coconut oil in the cookie dough instead of vegetable oil.

Low and behold, he liked it! He was also on to me most of the time, taking a bite, looking at me and asking “what did you put in this” and me smiling because I knew he actually enjoyed it. Now, it doesn’t always work. He still HATES brussel sprouts, a vegetable that I love! He does try it, but inevitably he gets that look in his eye and then politely scrapes the rest onto my plate.

So, back to tofu. A food he “hated” is now something that is often on the menu. Huh….who knew tofu was good…..

Last night we were digging around in the fridge and discovered a lot of fresh veggies that would make a good stir fry. We also happen to have a brick of extra firm tofu in the freezer. Aha! Dinner!

I love using tofu from the freezer. First, it lasts a lot longer than in your fridge, so when you find a good sale or supply, you can store it. Second, when the tofu defrosts, you can actually squeeze the water out like a sponge and have this beautiful extra, extra, extra, firm tofu that holds up perfectly to stir fry and baking in the oven.

Defrosted squeezed tofu

The only thing I don’t like about using frozen tofu is that because it can get too dry (if you tend to squeeze out too much water like I do) and then it burns. The remedy for that is using more olive oil than you normally would.

tofu and olive oil

Last night, we defrosted the tofu, squeezed out the water, and tossed it in a pan with seasoned salt, soy sauce and olive oil. Cooked it on medium heat until a nice brown crust formed on the sides, and then tossed with some broccoli, snap peas, carrots, and squash. Yum!

stir fry


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