Needle Felted Heart

I love needle felting! Not only is it fast and gratifying but you can make all sorts of fabulous crafty creations! For Needle felted heartsValentine’s Day this year I wanted to make a few needle felted hearts to give away to loved ones.

Needle felting is easy and once you try it, you’ll be hooked! Needle felting is the process of interlocking wool roving fibers together by the use of a felting needle which is barbed. Wool fiber is actually hollow. By using the barbed needle, you actually tangle the fiber together and compress the roving into the shapes you want. Small projects like this heart can take about a half an hour, but more detailed projects can take hours of “stabbing” with the needle!

For this project you will need white and a little red roving and a felting needle. How much roving depends upon what size heart you want. For the larger heart in the picture I used about 18 inches of roving and for the smaller heart I used about 10 inches.

First, take a section of the white roving.

white roving

Roll both ends up to the middle to form your heart.

rolling the heart

rolled heart shape

Next, begin felting with the needle using the rolled up roving as your heart pattern.

top of the heart

felting the heart

Once you have the shape you want, continue needle felting until the heart will stay together. Some people needle felt until the item is hard. I like to keep my creations on the softer side, so I go a little bit beyond keeping the shape and then leave it at that.

felting the heart more

felted white heart

Now, we get to use the red roving! You only need to use a little bit as you will spread out the roving and simply cover the white heart.

spreading the red roving

covering the white heart

all wrapped with the red roving

Needle felt the red onto the white until the heart is covered.

felting the red roving

You can continue using little pieces of the red roving to cover up any white that is showing and get the heart back to a nice heart shape.

felting the red heart

Personally, I like seeing a little of the white show through to give the heart some depth.

Needle felted red heart

So cute!


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2 responses to “Needle Felted Heart”

  1. Judy@grandparentsplus2 says :

    I’ve never tried needle felting, but my granddaughter loves to do it. Your hearts are lovely.

    • vermontfarmheart says :

      Thank you! At the local fiber social last night I made a white heart with red polka-dots. If you get the opportunity, you should felting – it is so much fun and you can have a cute project done in under an hour!

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