Snow Birds

My chickens are wishing spring is around the corner! But alas, it appears we still have a bit longer to go before we see any green grass or flowers budding.

During the winter I often go out when the snow is too deep for them to walk in and shovel a little area for them. While I always spread Going out for a walksome goodies for them, there are  some days when they would rather stay inside.

As my chickens are free-range, I like them to get out in the fresh air as much as I can, rather than letting them stay cooped up throughout the entire winter.  I certainly don’t mind them staying inside during a blizzard (because that is where I would rather be too), but going out at least for a short time each day keeps them healthy. To avoid respiratory issues a walk with me in the snow does them some good! I also truly believe that letting them out helps keep them winter hardy.

They always have the little door open so they have the option of going in or out on their own, but when I feel they have been “chicken” and need to breathe a little fresh air, I grab a shovel and my treat bucket.

How do I get them to come out for a bit? Mealworms or fruit rinds does the trick every time! How do you get your chickens outside?


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11 responses to “Snow Birds”

  1. Judy@grandparentsplus2 says :

    Funny that you should ask that question today. We have a good sized run that is covered on all sides so they can venture out pretty much whenever they want plus there is space under their coop. But…I just came in from shoveling and I went to see if anyone was outside and that would be a big ‘no’. They were all inside. To get them out, I either throw some sunflower seeds around or if I have veggies I leave those. We have gotten about 4″ so far, and it is still coming down.

    • vermontfarmheart says :

      We have about 3” that have come down here in Vermont since last night and it is still snowing! I like the idea of sunflower seeds. Do you grow them yourself? My neighbor does that with her chickens. She grows sunflowers because they are so cheerful and then saves the heads to throw to her chickens after they dry late in the fall. Thanks for responding!

  2. little poppits says :

    my chooks hated the snow! x

  3. sleepinghorse says :

    Lucky hens to be so well looked after and cared for. I am so lucky living in the North Island of New Zealand that our winters remain so mild. No snow or frosts for my chickens to have to contend with 🙂

  4. monikadrinkstea says :

    Love the pic! Your chickens look so cute in the snow. Lucky for me I don’t have any snow-related issues as I live in Australia 🙂 So I can romanticise about snowy winters as much as I like without having to deal with the reality of lethargic chickens or frozen waterers!

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