A Trick for Cutting Citrus for Fruit Salad

I was putting together a fruit salad the other day and figured out a neat trick for cutting up all the citrus fruits! I love a Easy cut orangesgood fresh fruit salad, but it does take a long time to cut everything up – especially when you are adding a lot of oranges, grapefruits, and tangerines.

I started off cutting my oranges just like my mom and grandmother taught me – cutting the orange in half and then using a small knife, cutting out each little segment. After the third one I was reminded why I don’t make fruit salad that often.

So, then I got to thinking while I surmised my orange….and ta-da! I think I found a neat way to make cutting up all citrus fruits much easier. Now, maybe I’m not saying anything new to you, but for me, this was a cool revelation!

First, cut the orange in half as you normally would.

Orange cut in half

Taking a small knife, cut along the fruit just between the flesh and the peel.

Cutting around the orange

Now using both hands, invert the orange so that the peel folds back and the fruit pops out – basically you are turning the fruit inside-out.

Turning the fruit inside-out

Use your knife to cut the fruit away from the peel at the base.

Cutting the fruit at the base

Now you can cut the fruit up almost as if it was an apple – I just used the knife to chunk up the large section of fruit.

Cutting up the orange

Now making my fruit salads aren’t so time consuming, and a little bit more fun!


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