Christmas Cookies

There is something special about Christmas cookies. Sure, some of those recipes you make all year-round, but whenOur Christmas Cookies they are made at Christmas time, there is a magical component to those cookies that cannot be replicated any other time of year.

Cookies are comforting and bring back memories of childhood. But at Christmas, cookies are part of the wonder and mystery that surrounds the season. Magic. Not the magic that is done by magicians, but the magic that is seen in every snowflake, the twinkling eyes of Santa Clause, the lights on the tree, and the idea that snowmen come alive. Christmas cookies bring smiles to all and contribute to the theme of giving during this time of year.

Christmas cookies, particularly in our house, are meant to be given, shared, and enjoyed. Nothing completes the holiday spirit more than a box of cookies tucked into our neighbors mailboxes, passed around at our family gatherings, or enjoyed with a cup of hot cocoa by the fireplace.

As with any Christmas, conversation around the cookie tray invokes memories of Christmas’s past. Discussions of the cookies remembered and comparisons between siblings of which was the best always happen. My grandmother’s house was always full of Swedish cookies during the holiday season. Mandelmusslor, Swedish Cream Cookies, Swedish Heirloom Cookies (or Swedish Crescent Cookies as my grandmother called them), and Pepperkaker (Swedish gingerbread cookies) sat in tins on my grandmother’s sideboard taunting all of the children. We would sneak cookies from the tins when she wasn’t looking which of course made them taste even better.

More cookiesI bake a lot of cookies during the holidays as I enjoy giving them to neighbors and taking them to parties. This Christmas I stuck with some classic, but not altogether Swedish cookies for our table. While my classic shortbread, chocolate chip meringues, biscotti, and coconut macaroons were gobbled up, it felt like something was missing from our table.

Luckily, my aunt arrived to our Christmas gathering with tins – yes, my grandmother’s tins no less, filled with Swedish cookies. She outdid herself and we all basked in the glory of reliving our childhood Christmas cookie memories.


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4 responses to “Christmas Cookies”

  1. Judy says :

    Your cookies look delicious! Happy holidays.

  2. Tammy says :

    Wow! 🙂 Nice spread you have there. Merry Christmas!!

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