Easy Knit Hat Pattern

I have become a knitting fean lately as the weather gets colder and Christmas gets closer. Hats have become a passion ofTwo of my hats from this pattern mine as they are a bit more fun to make than your simple scarf.

I have tried a few different hat patterns but have come to love this simple, quick, and usable pattern.

I like to use a size 8 needle and like worsted weight cotton or washable wool yarn. You will need at least 130 yards of yarn.

Start by casting on 84 stitches.

Knit the first row.

Purl the second row.

Continue this pattern until you have approximately 8 inches in length. This “stockinette” pattern (knit one row, purl one row) will naturally have your hat roll up on the bottom creating your brim. When measuring the 8 inches, make sure to unroll your hat. I like my hats to cover my ears so I usually make it about 9 or 10 inches long.

Note: if you want the “rib” in your hat like I did with the purple one, just switch your pattern for a few stitches. The way to do that is to end on a knit row, and then knit the next row. Now continue your purl and knit pattern for a few rows. Once you have the so-called backwards pattern for as big as you want, end on a knit row and then knit the next row to switch back. Continue your purl and knit pattern.

Now, when you reach your 8 inches or so:

End with a purl row so that your next row will be a knit.

Knit five stitches, then knit two stitches together.

Continue this across the whole row.

Now purl the next whole row.

Knit four stitches, then knit two stitches together.

Purl the next row.

Knit three stitches, then knit two stitches together.

Purl the next row.

Knit two stitches, then knit two stitches together.

Purl the next row.

Knit one stitch, then knit two stitches together.

Purl the next row.

Knit two stitches together across the whole row. At this point you should have 12 stitches total.

Cut your yarn so you have an end about a yard long. Thread your end onto a yarn needle and carefully transfer each of your 12 stitches from your knitting needle to your yarn needle.

Pull the yarn through the stitches – not all the way though, so you leave a small loop where you started. Pull your yarn through the stitches and then poke back through the loop. Pull the yarn tight to create a small hole at the top of your hat.

Turn your hat inside out and begin using the yarn that is already on your needle to sew the edges of your hat together. Stop when you get about and inch from the bottom.

Turn your hat right-side-out and sew the last inch on the outside of your hat. The natural roll of the brim will hide your stitches.

Tie off your yarn and stitch the ends into your hat. Cut any additional yarn after you have weaved it in for at least 2 inches.

There you have it! A simple pattern for a hat, but effective and darn cute!


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