Bill and Lou: Meet our Meat

Bill and Lou: A Parable for Saving our Broken Food System

Not sure if anyone who reads my blog is up on the whole GMC Bill and Lou debacle….but I wanted to post this wonderful article written by one of our professors. We live in a time where so many of us have no or limited connections with our food. Picking up a package of ground beef in the grocery store has more implications than you might think. For those of us trying to “meet our meat” and live more sustainable lives as small farmers or supporters of small farms, it is hard to hear that some people would rather protest secure food systems than factory farming. I would much rather know that the animal on my plate lead a rich and relaxing life, munching pasture in the sunshine as opposed to being crammed in a cramped corral and fed antibiotics.

The place where I work, GMC, is being deluged with protesters and animal rights activists saying we should let two of our oxen live instead of be put back into the community and eaten in our dining hall. Our college’s goal is to provide food in our dining hall that is from local and humanely managed sources and as our college’s farm is a working farm, the current animals being slaughtered fit appropriately within our farm’s mission. My hat is off to the hard working (and many of them vegan and vegetarian) farm students who have made the decision and are standing firm. Professor Philip Ackerman-Leist writes a moving article on the community’s behalf.


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