Homemade Herbal Peppermint Tea Bags

Nothing beats a good cup of tea. Tea brings comfort, warms you on a wet or cold day, and soothes the ailments that come My homemade mint teawith the changing seasons. Rich dark teas tend to give me a jolt and wake me up in the morning. Lighter, herbal teas relieve the stresses of the day and quiet my mind. One of my favorite teas is herbal mint. It is relaxing to sip and can help relieve a head cold with its wonderful warm minty vapor.

Mint grows like crazy. Plant it in one area of your garden and in a few years, it will take over the My mint gardenentire area. Most people tend to grow mint in barrels or pots to help keep in under control. Consistent cutting or pruning also helps. If you happen to enjoy mint tea, this also helps keep the population under control. It takes a lot of mint leaves to make a substantial amount of tea, especially if you go through it as fast as I do.

Peppermint tea has been known to ease digestion and help with your cold as it is a natural decongestant.

I especially enjoy peppermint tea during the winter months and in order to do that, I dry my mint leaves. It is super easy to do by using a dehydrator. The dehydrator dries food quickly which is helpful when making a lot of tea.

It was a little daunting at first to make my own tea, but now I have been on a tea making craze and love the satisfaction of making and drinking my own teas. It is easy, rewarding,  and I love knowing exactly what I am drinking!

Snip good looking stems of mint from your garden that are free of any damage or yellowing.Washing my mint

Once I have a good bunch of mint, I like to soak it in my sink for a half hour or so. This method works great as the mint floats while any dirt sinks to the bottom. Swish the mint around a bit to aid in removing dirt. Once clean, pat dry with a few towels. To make things easier in the long run, and to ensure to catch any yellow or damaged leaves, I like to pluck the leaves from the stem and spread them out on the dehydrator trays. Some of my friends dry the whole stem and then crumble the leaves off once they have dried. Either way works fine, it is just up to your preference.

mint to dry

My dehydrator is a relic, but it is efficient and for the full five trays, it takes about three hours to dry the mint leaves completely.

Dried mint

Once dried, I pour them into a bowl and crumble them a bit with my fingers. Then I fill each tea bag (these are great as they require no staples or ironing) with a heaping tablespoon of the dry mint leaves.

Crumbled mint in tea bags

That’s it. Simple, fun, rewarding, and delicious.

Filled tea bag

I have experimented with other teas from my garden including lemon balm, lemon verbena, and rosemary but I find them all to be a bit “grassy” for my taste. This peppermint tea is great on its own, but I love adding a teaspoon of raw honey to give it a little sweetness.


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