Good Morning Deer

As I was drinking my tea this morning and puttering around the kitchen at 6:30am, I discovered I had backyard guests.Buck in the backyard

These two young bucks thoroughly enjoyed the drops from our backyard apple tree. It was incredibly peaceful watching deer in the backyard while sipping hot black tea. I figured as soon as I got up to get my camera they would dash off, but they stayed and munched as I snapped a few pictures.

Deer eating apples in backyardIf you have ever stopped to watch deer grazing or munching on apples, it is a graceful and delicate scene to watch. Their features and movements are fluid and they transfix you with their liquid eyes and ink black nose. Even though I was sitting inside my warm house in a cozy chair with my tea, I felt at peace with nature. The rush of the usual morning routine was slowed down and things that seem important a few minutes ago were no longer. For a few blissful minutes, I watched the deer flick their tail in delight each time they located another juicy apple on the ground. While one had their head down, the other had its head up, ever alert and watching for signs that they should leave. As no sign came, they went about their breakfast.

Soon, I had to go about finishing my own breakfast and getting started with the day. I checked back on them in between each of my tasks and felt wistful that they had all the time in the world and did not have to leave the peaceful backyard to join the rest of the world.

As I was about to leave for work, I checked on them one last time. They were gone. The morning sun streaked through the branches of the apple tree and showed their tracks in the dewy grass. I wondered for a moment where the two boys had gone and whether they would be back.


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