Making Garden Pizza

One of the best things to have for dinner is homemade garden pizza. I think having the ability to obtain all the ingredients for this dish straight from your garden is an amazing feeling. Not only do I find picking the fresh vegetables and herbs from my garden satisfying, I also enjoy making the pizza dough. Knowing every ingredientHomemade Garden Pizza that goes into the pizza is a downright awesome thing.

First, I begin by using my handy bread machine to make my dough. It only takes an hour to make and it comes out smooth and elastic. The recipe I use has been in our family for years and I don’t actually know where it originated from. It is written on a 3×5 card and has pizza stains on it from years past. I like to buy organic wheat flour from a local supplier, King Arthur’s Flour Company. I also like to combine the wheat flour with Bob’s Red Mill ground flax meal as it gives the crust a nutty taste and texture.

Pizza dough recipe:

1 cup plus 2 tablespoons of water

1 teaspoon of salt

1 ½ tablespoons of olive oil

3 cups of flour (I use 2 ½ cups of whole wheat flour and ½ cup of flax meal)

2 tablespoons of instant dry milk

1 ½ teaspoons of yeast

Pizza dough ingredients

Once the dough is done, I split it into two and then let it rest while I pick fresh vegetables from the garden. Right now, we have an abundance of tomatoes, peppers, and basil.

Pizza dough

The whole house smelled of bread dough goodness and fresh picked basil. The sliced tomatoes acted as the sauce, the peppers gave the pizza a little zip, and the cheese was made and bought locally from Maplebrook Fine Cheese Company.

Garden Pizza

I wanted to keep the pizza simple so I worked the dough onto the two pizza pans. Then I spread the slices of tomato all over the pizza, sprinkled on the peppers, and then put on the cheese. I baked the pizzas at 350° for 35 minutes then put the basil leaves on just before serving. The basil leaves will wilt and turn black from the heat of the pizza, but that in no way diminishes their flavor!

                                                         Slice of homemade pizza


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One response to “Making Garden Pizza”

  1. FromVTwithLove says :

    I love how every ingredient pops with flavor, both individually an as a whole when you make it with fresh things from your own garden! Thanks for sharing, it looks delicious!

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